Friday, March 22, 2013

365 Comics... 81: Action Comics #18 (2013)

This is heady stuff, certainly not pleasure reading.  I've been having as difficult a time reading this on a monthly basis lately as I did the Invisibles.  You know, I always meant to reread the Invisibles, and it has been 15 years I still haven't.  I don't know if that realization means I should start tomorrow or if I should just get rid of them 'cause it's never going to happen.. At least this is only 18 issues long, but I'm pretty sure I'm going need a complete reread before I truely grasp all of what's going on.  Oh, I get that it is mostly thematic in nature, but reading month-to-month consuming another hundred stories in between I kind of lose the thread quite a bit.

Dan has a great review of the latest issue (he's been paying closer attention than I have obviously) over at (a href=""> Thor's Comic Column this week</a>.  I'd strongly recommend you read it.

I have a review of Five Ghosts from Image, Adam does Constantine, and Jeb takes a look at the looming spectre of cancellation over at Captain Marvel.

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