Friday, March 26, 2010

Detective: Comics

I have a secret.

I am at one with the source.

I was never that great with a sword but a gun? Yeah, I'm pretty good, actually.

I rarely play games but will happily take home the prize.

I used to jump at every window of opportunity.

Today, I claim self-reliance as an attribute.


Answer is: LOIS LANE (guessed by Jon Hex)


PJ said...

Serifan of the Forever People? He's the only New God (at one with the Source) who wields a six-shooter with comsic cartridges (and is a handy shot).

Devon Sanders said...

Wow, really good guess but not who I was aiming for.

No pun intended.

By the way, my word verification was "cocrock."

How awesome!

Jon Hex said...

Dick Grayson?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Jon

Nope. Not the one.

KENT! said...

Dag, this one's tough, yo. I was thinking Wildcat at first but I know that's not right. Now I'm thinking either the Shadow or the Spirit... Or some other 40's era pul hero

Devon Sanders said...

@ Graig

Not Wildcat.

They're just as much fun, though.

Jon Hex said...

Tim Drake

Devon Sanders said...


Unknown said...

I wanna guess Adam Strange.

Good with a gun, but occasionally wields a cutlass.

"Goes home with the prize" - Alanna was his "reward" for being the Rannian's hero.

"Jumps at every window of opportunity" - the Zeta Beam's periodic nature.

Devon Sanders said...


Very good guess but the one.

Slight clue; it wouldn't be impossible to see Strange and this character to interact.

Jon Hex said...

Lois Lane

Jon Hex said...

Show my work:

She's married to Superman.

Trained by general father

Pulitzer Prize

To interview Superman

Has to blog now because General Lane blacklisted her

Jon Hex said...

Oh, she has a reporter's sources. Missed that one.

Devon Sanders said...

Jon Hex for the win!

I'm gonna start giving out prizes. Seriously.

Devon Sanders said...

Also the "sword" reference was meant as in "The pen is mightier than the sword."