Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Big Show

In DC's June Solicitations there are 132 comic issues, hardcovers, trade paperbacks and original graphic novels listed. Of these, what has me most excited is a reprint of something 30 years old:

That, my friends, is "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali", a classic story written by Dennis O’Neil & Neal Adams with art by Adams (inks by Dick Giordano & Terry Austin) originally published in 1978 in oversized tabloid format

I still have a copy, with the Whitman logo in the top corner, so I really don't *need* this new $40 hardcover "Facsimile" edition, but I want one. If you're a Neal Adams fan, a Superman fan and/or a Muhammad Ali fan, this is a MUST HAVE! (Man, I feel like a QVC shill). It's an absolutely incredible and unique reading experience.

There's also 7x10 "Deluxe" HC edition with 16 pages of additional material which is crazily tempting, but essentially I'd be paying the $20 cover price for those 16 pages which isn't, in fact, all that enticing. Plus I think the reduced size diminishes the grand epic scale and uniqueness of the book. The bonus features should really be included in the

And then for $250 there's this:

Where do I place my order?


Adj said...

Which size are you buying for my Dad? :)

KENT! said...

I'll get him the oversized one.
It's really the way to go with it.