Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Versus 2.4: Captain Carrot (DC) Vs. Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham (Marvel)

So, Second Printers, who would emerge victorious from this "Crisis of Infinite Furs?*" (See what I did there? It's a play on words. *heh* Genius. )

*Count yourselves lucky I didn't go with "Crawfish of Invertibrate Furs."


David said...

Assuming that CC gets to bring the Zoo Crew, then Peter Porker is doomed. One on one, I'm not sure.

Devon Sanders said...

LOL! No Zoo Crew. No Yankee Poodle. No Fastback. Heck, Little Cheese, even. Just ol' Cap.

ticknart said...

Spider-Ham for the win, if for no other reason than the superior punning power of his comics.

Unknown said...

Damn you, Second Printing, for making me a turncoat.

Peter Porker FTW.

--I'll turn in my DC fanboy identification on my way out.

KENT! said...

I've been a fan of both. In terms of my undying affection, it's Captain Carrot, but if it came to a throw down, the pig would win. Pig beats Rabbit in any fight.

Jeff said...

Captain Carrot wins for his speed and ability to fly.