Monday, December 14, 2009

Versus 2.3 The Trinity (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) Vs. The Big 3 (Captain America, Iron Man & Thor)

It's simple.


Marvel's Mephisto and DC Comics' Darkseid team-up to take over everything.

Marvel's The Watcher and DC's Lords of Order can only send one team to champion the cause of good.

Who will it be?


Batman: The Darknight Detective; master tactician, trained in mind and body to, quite possibly, be all that is humanly possible.

Superman: The Man of Steel; heralded as THE most powerful and resolute of DC's superheoes, he's played a major hand in the salvation of the universe many times over. His will to keep his adopted home safe from harm is matched only by his frequent ally...

Wonder Woman: The Amazing Amazon; daughter of the Greco-Roman pantheon of gods, she's easily one of the DC Universe's most powerful characters, she also may be its most well-trained superpowered hand-to-hand combatant. Has shown a willingness to make the hard decisions the other two simply couldn't.


Marvel's BIG THREE:

Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty; due to enhancement from the Super-Soldier Serum, he is the ultimate soldier and the Marvel Universe's go-to tactician, possessing a will and instincts hardened through numerous battles and wars.

Iron Man: The Golden Avenger; Tony Stark, futurist and genius inventor of one of the Marvel Universe's ultimate weapons, The Iron Man armor.

Thor: God of Thunder; centuries old god-warrior, possessing a strength matched by a very, very few. It was with his name on their lips that many a warrior would ride off into battle.

So, Second Printers, the question is: Having to choose, who would YOU want to champion the fate of all, DC Comics' Trinity (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) or Marvel's Big Three (Captain America, Iron Man & Thor)?


BFIrrera said...

The DC characters. 1) As discussed in the JLA/Avengers crossover, they much are more pure of heart. 2) If this was Capt. America, Thor and SPIDER-MAN, I'd have a tougher decision to make. I truly don't think Iron Man is anywhere NEAR in the league (pardon the pun) of the other five heroes mentioned in this post. Spider-Man IS.

BIG MIKE said...

My only concern about sending the Marvel heroes in is this: When was the last time these guys went into a fight and cleanly came out on top? It always seems like they're fighting themselves or versions of themselves and next thing you know there's aliens everywhere and Dr. Doom is calling the shots. Say what you will about the DC team, but when they beat you, it's unambiguous. I vote DC.

My other rationale is that you can't go against a team with the Batman on it. Can't. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I have trouble conceiving of a well-written story where Captain America doesn't win. He's got the virtue of Superman, the skills of Batman, and the costume of Wonder Woman's panties ... Cap can't lose, but then again neither can Superman, so the only solution is a team-up against another foe. And that's territory where Marvel heroes certainly have the edge in experience.

Years ago I read a thing about what would happen if Silver Age JLA fought Silver Age Avengers; one would be tempted to give it to the JLA based on sheer power levels, except that Silver Age JLA were typically pretty stupid and the Avengers knew how to be clever. If memory serves, Barry Allen + hex bolt = a supersonic human explosion that takes out half the JLA. Of course that was just Internet speculation and not an official result, but it sounds about right.

Unknown said...

BFIrrera is right. Big Mike makes an excellent point. Also, if the bad guys are Darkseid and Mephisto, the Trinity's record vs. Darkseid is more decisive than the Big Three's record vs. Mephisto. Fights against Mephisto usually seem like they end up stalemates, and honestly I don't like Thor or Tony against Mephisto's manipulation MO.

Powerhouse: Superman > Thor. Both based on the "pure of heart" point raised above, and Superman's tendency to overcome.
Tactician: Wonder Woman > Cap. I almost gave this one to Cap, but Diana's got more experience, more "fighting gods" experience, and her tactics can include throwing mountains at yuo.
Genius: Batman > Tony Stark. I'm sorry, he's the goddamn Batman.

If you switch those last two categories to "Warrior: Wonder Woman vs. Iron Man" and "Peak Level Human Specimen: Batman vs. Cap" you still get wins for the DC team.


Jason Langlois said...

A hard call. Mephisto being magical hits on Superman's weakness and Darkseid's hardly impressed with Wonder Woman's godly heritage. The main advantage DC has here is Batman's ability to plan and think around a problem.

The Marvel bunch is a strong contender, though again Darkseid's likely to be unimpressed with Thor being an old god and all. However, as other have pointed out, the Marvel side is vulnerable to the manipulation of Mephisto in way's the DC side is not.

In the end, I'd go with the DC group, though. As a group, they're much more dedicated and less prone to the kind of self-doubt that Darkseid and Mephisto like to exploit.

Bill said...

Just send Thor. Game Over!

Peter said...

I'm also going to with DC on this one. It's basically 2 powerhouses (Supes & Wondy) vs. 1 powerhouse (Thor). And the DC heroes are better examples of human greatness, whereas the MArvel trinity only has Cap.

Allan said...

I'm not going to even dignify this one with a response, since the answer is so painfully obvious, but I did want to remind those who have brought up Captain America's so-called "purity" that by modern standards he's a steroid juice monkey with an odd shield fetish.

Yeah, I said it.

Anthony Strand said...

Okay, but who would win in a fight between DC's Trinity and Marvel's Trinity (Lee, Kirby, Ditko)?

Devon Sanders said...

Anthony Strand has OFFICIALLY blown my mind.