Friday, December 18, 2009

Versus 2.5 The 80's (DC)

Of the three, who screams "80's DC COMICS" more? Blue Devil, Booster Gold or Blue Beetle?


ChrisM said...

Well..Blue Devil was one of the more "break out" characters back then, but I'd say Booster was the one that was reflective of the ideals of the time.

There was that whole "Greed is Good", making-money-over-people thing that was present in the 80s. You saw it in that Alex Keaton (Michael J. Fox) on Family Ties and etc. Booster was a direct reflection of that.

The series had that kind of cheap, glintzyness that I think of in the 80s as well..

hmmm.. didn't Paris Cullins draw both Blue Beetle and Blue Devil? That's another sign of the times...

BIG MIKE said...

Booster: Time traveling Reaganite. Genius.

ChrisM said...

one crucial 80s character that deserves mention?

'Mazing Man.

ah the memories..

Bill said...

Booster Gold. Just look at him! The hair, the shades, the collar! Perhaps he comes from a future much like the one seen in Back to the Future, Part 2?

Unknown said...

Can't be Blue Beetle. I don't know if this is because he was formed at another company and in another decade, but it just can't.

I think I'd like it to be Booster, for the reasons stated above.

But a stuntman who fought demons and resisted being owned by his employer? Teamed up with Zatanna? Had a board game entitled "Weirdness Magnet" included in his Summer Fun Special?

--he's named after a university mascot!

Anonymous said...

The correct answer is the Batman villain Magpie (Margaret Pye). Runner-up is Wild Dog.

Nate said...

Of those the character I have a complete run of? Dan Cassidy.

But he's really a 70's character in the 80's. Help! I'm a stuntman mystically bound into the effects suit I created!

Now Booster with his gambling, theivery, and well planned exploitation of his ancestors' known materialistic hero worshipping? That's the 80's!