Monday, November 9, 2009

Lady Cop: The Movie

In the words of Ghostface, "Her face glow like I was exposed to sunlight. She's happy, her hair, toes and nails is dumb right."

I spent the better part of two years blogging about a fictional comic book character with a particularly unnerving knowledge of VD.

Yes, you may know her as Liza. Or Chief Liza Warner to some. To those who love her, she will always be known as LADY COP.

DC Comics keeps focusing on dumb crap like Blackest Night and R.E.B.E.L.S., leaving our beloved Liza Warner to rest her sweet l'il concussed head, waiting for the chance to take her rightful place in history as the first newly elected surgeon ever to fight crime while wearing a McGruff The Crime Dog suit.

So, until DC Comics fans wake up and stop drinking their newest flavor, Blackest Night Kool-Aid, we will just make our own damn fun, won't we?!?

With The Batman movies having become a summer staple and Green Lantern soon to join it, the next character in line to receive the Hollywood treatment simply should be Lady Cop, bikini wearing ambassadors be damned.

While no actress could ever truly encompass the skill needed to portray a killer blonde devoid of a sense of self-awareness and overt sexuality, while carrying a HUGE nightstick, we'll give it a try.



Allan said...

For no other reason than because she's my favourite current Hollywood blond, I gotta go with Elizabeth Banks. She's funny, sexy and you just know there's an ass-kicker lurking beneath her adorable surface.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Allan

Ooooh, I could really see her in a tight blue shirt and miniskirt.


For the role, I mean.

Sleestak said...

Kristen Bell

Allan said...

I thought of Ms. Veronica Mars too (she's my second favourite current Hollywood blond) but ultimately had to dismiss her because she's way too teeny-tiny. Lady Cop is many things, but she's not barely five feet tall.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Allan

Initially, I'd have went with Anna Faris but in retrospect, she has a tendency to throw ham towards the ceiling.

Elizabeth Banks would be incredible in that role.

I think you get the "win" on this one.

Ken Cox said...

Is Charlize Theron too obvious a choice?

ChrisM said...

Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Chris

Good choice but this is gonna sound a bit weird; I've gotta stick with Allan's choice of Elizabeth Banks for one reason.

I watched "Bolt" the other night.

Lady Cop needs to be played as if the character truly believes the environment she's been placed in and in her mission to keep it safe from harm.

SMG could pull it off but Banks would bring some weird, manic earnestness to the role that others just couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Bell? Are you joking? Ugh. No. She was bad enough on Heroes.

The answer is Heather Graham. Clearly.

Allan said...

The other reason Banks is the best choice is because she has a slightly retro quality in her appearance, unlike Faris, Geller and Bell, who look like beauties of this era. Banks, on the other hand, would totally fit in the 70s period the LADY COP movie HAS to be set in.

I just hope they could lure Jack Hill (director of COFFY, FOXY BROWN and SWITCHBLADE SISTERS) out of retirement to direct it!

Bill said...

Dont know if you've seen this, Devon. Seems relevant. I stumbled across this while goofing around on Youtube: