Wednesday, June 17, 2009

World Without A Superman... Again.

The bi-annual culling of the comics has begun anew.

Things I've discovered amidst the devastation:

I don't like Superman comics that aren't currently featuring Superman. On the give-away pile.

I really don't miss reading Spider-Man anymore.

Spider-Man is, forever, in the same place where you left him. Sorta like a pothead friend.

Pot would explain alot about Peter Parker.

Eddy Barrows (Action Comics, Justice League of America, Green Lantern, Teen Titans) is a great artist but DC uses him as a "jobber to the stars" alot.

No matter how bad it gets, I can't give up on Teen Titans. It's like the family member you hope someday will wake up and get its shit together.

I'm becoming less enamored with the monthly comic, dropping drawn-out storylines, midway through.

I miss reading The Avengers. Well, The Avengers as I PREFER them. You know, not as fugitives or "dark."

Ed Brubaker's Daredevil run got good again with the "Lady Bullseye" storyline.
After nearly some twenty-five years, my crush on She-Hulk was finally eclipsed by mediocre writing and even more mediocre art and an inexplicable reboot/legacy character.

I am willing to give away an entire run of the current Justice League of America or throw it at someone I hate.


ticknart said...

My crappy family member is Justice League of America. The first comic I bought with my money was a Justice League (Europe) book because of my childhood love of Superfriends and I've been with it ever since. Even the Total Justice toy miniseries. Even (and I hate admitting this) Extreme Justice. I just can't let it go.

Anonymous said...

My excuses for continuing to collect "Teen Titans" are, from most important to least:

1) Blue Beetle

2) Eddie

3) Kid Eternity, once in a while

All of those will get bumped down one notch when Bart returns.

ChrisM said...

I think She-Hulk is more about the "Thundra-She Hulk" then about Jen Walters. So I'm willing to forgive it.

Some of the upcoming Justice League stuff-the annual looks promising.

On the downside, that guy drawing JSA makes them look awful. And with Willingham/Sturges on the book I fully expect Golden Age Flash to be dating Stargirl within 2 issues. It really makes me wonder how much it will suck and how quickly they'll manage to do it.

Allan said...

I gave up on She-Hulk the moment Dan Slott stopped writing it. I'm trying to think if I bought another Marvel comic since. I don't think so.

I find I'm much more likely to give up on mini-series that don't immediately grab me with the first issue, but I'm more patient with the ongoing series. It's the eternal optimist in me.

Nate said...

To bad about not reading Spider-Man. It's light and fun again.