Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I Learned From Watching The Super Friends:

Aquaman, inexplicably, knows alot of magic tricks.

Superman has SUPER-strength because he tells you and then shows you.

If you're in trouble, a monkey carrying a bucket will come to your rescue.

When you learn a lesson, laugh.

We missed out on some epic Black-on-Black violence with Black Vulcan vs. Black Manta never happening.

Being evil looks like a lot of work.

Japanese: Kaze no Yō ni Hayaku!

Plane-pooling's for chumps. If there's trouble, take The Invisible Jet AND The Bat-Jet.

Superman never teamed up with minorities.

All problems can be solved in 22 minutes.

Native Americans can talk to monsters and hang out in the forest.

Beware the forest.

Wonder Woman probably has the keys to your house and will make you do crafts.

It takes Superman and Green Lantern to stop a rampaging elephant.

An elephant weighs 10,000 lbs.

Batman and Robin count as one.

Dr. Natas has one hell of a story that's not being told.

The opening sequence of The Superfriends where Aquaman surfs on top of two dolphins while waving just may have been his greatest moment ever.

If you scream like a little girl while in danger, The Superfriends will not judge you.

If Kryptonite's around, Superman will leave your ass out to dry.

Did YOU learn anything from watching The Super Friends?


Siskoid said...

The writers' main source was the Silver Age JLA stories, and that Super-Friends is in turn Alex Ross' main source. It's called the cycle of life. I think there's a song about it.

Marvel didn't invent the concept of Secret Wars.

Nothing can't be improved by stars spinning right at you.

The best way to melt ice is to bring the Earth closer to the sun.

The one thing more terrifying than a zombie is a zombie with a southern drawl.

KENT! said...

"All problems can be solved in 22 minutes" ... but more often in under 12.

Why use your fists when you have heat vision and super-breath?

Super-ventriloquism DOES come in handy.

Mxyzptlk is pronounced Mixelplick and backwards it's Kliptelskim.
(I was very confused in the Dini/Timm Superman cartoons when they started saying it as Mix-yez-pittle-lick)

Even though by all logic they shouldn't, somehow wonder twins powers DO cooperate.

Nate said...

I learned I would forever run around fist bumping people and yell "form of a popsicle!" and somehow thought that would get me laid

Bill said...

Don't ask your wife to dress up as Jayna unless you have a very comfortable couch.

ChrisM said...

My favorite moment was when Batman showed that you can more easily tear apart a band of paper towels with your hands if the middle is wet.

ha! even then, he always knew what was going on before going into the discussion..