Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Crystar Method

Earlier this week, something great and momentous happened in our hobby.

It largely went unnoticed but to a loyal few, it signaled what could be interpreted as a resurrection.

To those of us of a... certain age, ROM: Spaceknight was the be all end all of licensed properties comics and today, I'm here to announce...

Ain't a damned thing changed. Get back to reading those Rom comics you payed too much for on eBay, suckas!

What great and truly wonderful thing that did happen was the return of one of my all-time favorite (and utterly 80's) toy/comics characters to the Marvel Universe.

A comic that, perhaps, begot the greatest comic book panel of all time.

Ladies and gentle, Marvel Comics blesses your eyes with the sensation that is and forever will be...
Crystar, The Crystal Warrior, dancing behind Dazzler and a Lionel Richie-afroed Captain Marvel on the cover of a comic entitled Marvel Zombies to what one can only assume is Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Is there any joy 80's Marvel can't bring?


Nate said...

hey! How much is too much for my complete run of ROM? It's priceless I tell you! Priceless! Now get out of my mothers basement and don't touch that mint Die Fledermaus action figure I have on the wall

Siskoid said...

Hahaha, Crystar!

But truth be told, back issues of Rom will set you back 1-3$ apiece. Unless Wolverine is in them, then, eep!, 4$ might be called for.

Crystar, on the other hand, you have to hunt for!