Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Titles (that have renewed my enthusiasm for comics)

My comics fandom was waning for what felt like a solid six months at least. I was feeling detached from the medium, my enthusiasm at a not-understated all-time low. But I didn't give up, I've seen a glimpse of hope even amidst the $3.99 cover prices, there's still something to enjoy here, even better, something actually worth reading.

Below are ten titles which I've continued or started to enjoy and that have excited me, and a few that are that are coming up that have most intrigued me. In no particular order:

The title has more than recovered after the maligned reunion of 90's X-Factor team of Peter David and Larry Stroman. Yes, it's currently in the midst of another dystopian mutant future, but, really, who doesn't love those. X-Factor can be enjoyed without having to pay any of the other mutant titles any mind, which I love. And what happened to Syrin and Madrox's baby... it still keeps me up at night.

Secret Six
Gail Simone has a dirty, fithly, vile mind, and bless her for it. I'm surprised DC is letting her get away with half of what she does in this title. Basically, it's like Mark Millar's best work if he could actually write good characters. I mean, Simone has actually made Bane interesting.

Captain Britain and MI 13
I don't want to read this book, I keep trying to avoid it. My wife keeps buying it, and it keeps sitting around the house, and ultimately I read it, and generally am kind of bemused by it. But this latest storyline, featuring a Dracula-led vampire assault on England, is absolute gold. But just when it's won me over... whoop, cancelled. Sigh.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers
Okay, yes, it's a flimsy plot device used to get all of the different pet sidekicks from around the Marvel universe together for a grand adventure, but, why the hell not? Frog Thor, Lockjaw, Speedball's Cat, Aunt May's dog, Falcon's Redbird, Ka-Zar's sabretooth tiger, squaring off against Devil Dinosaur, in search of all the infinity gems. If you've ever forgotten what it is exactly that first made you love superhero comics, this book will remind you, and if it doesn't, your heart is made of coal.

Batman and Robin
Grant Morrison recreates the dynamic duo, and makes it work in spite of itself. Forget the other books (Red Robin, Streets of Gotham, Batman), it's all happening right here. Can he make us forget Bruce Wayne? Ten minutes at a time, at least.

G.I. Joe/Cobra and JSA vs Kobra
From the house that Rucka and Brubaker built, here are two sides of the same coin, two books doling out meaty espionage using corporate-owned characters originally designed to appeal to children. It's like the same revelation that was Daniel Craig's James Bond after the increasingly absurd Brosnan run, taking things seriously, and filling the stories with characters instead of caricatures.

Phonogram: The Singles Club
Probably the most satisfying floppy experience on the stands, with its immaculately illustrated main story, the engrossing post-script essay, the ingenious glossary, back-up stories, letter column, and playlist, it makes the more out of its 32 pages than any other title out there. Not everyone's cup of tea, sure, but I could drink a whole pot.

Wednesday Comics
For the first time in a long time, I have no idea what to expect out of a comic, and it's damn exciting. I don't have any hopes or fears for DC's sixteen-part experimental comic, I'm just excited for something absolutely different to hit the stands.

Doom Patrol
Keith Giffen doing the Doom Patrol, yes please. Plus, a Metal Men back-up feature with Kevin Maguire... can I buy a subscription?

The Muppet Show bang-on
Spider-Man: The Short Halloween go get it
Warlord of IO digital download only, boo
The Unwritten hook, line, and sinker
Arsenic Lullaby: Pulp Edition Omega you'll laugh, and hate yourself

So, Second Printers, what's keeping you enthused?
What are you most looking forward to?
Give us your ten...


Samax said...

these all look like great picks! i'm not sure if anybody's making a better superhero comic than Invincible. Kirkman and Ottley have mastered the venerable art of whe "entire superhero universe in one book" trope. more WTF and LMFAO moments per issue for just 2.99 than the next four or five books combined!

Bill said...

Batman and Robin, yes!
Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter
- only one issue so far, but pure brilliance
Agents of Atlas

Looking forward to:
Wednesday Comics
Gotham City Sirens
Ares mini-series

Siskoid said...

X-Factor is the only thing in your 10 I'm not reading or planning to pick up. Agreement all around.

Beta Ray Bill is turning out to be quite the surprise too, and I'd add that Immortal Iron Fist didn't really lose any feathers when Fraction left.

And The Unknown, definitely the Unknown.

KENT! said...

I was going to pick up the Beta Ray Bill series but decided to pass at the last minute. I'll have to see if there's still a copy around when I'm back at the shoppe this week.

Waid's Unknown at Boom was a surprising delight too.

Adj said...

Hmm, we actually don't have too much overlap :) Captain America definitely tops my list. Then Fables. And Captain Britian (I'm sad it's ending too). And X-Factor. And... I think that's about it. Those are really the only titles I actively look forward to each month.

Nate said...

Been catching up on Secret Six in trade. I can't believe I missed out on this.

Nate said...

This week was the biggest Wednesday haul I had in a long time.

And the book that after looking at all the covers I couldn't wait to get into first? "The Incredible Hercules"

Seriously. Where did this come from? Every issue funny, heartfelt and intelligent.

David said...

The current series I'm enjoying the most is Girl Genius, by Phil & Kaja Foglio. Volume 8 is due out shortly!

Samax said...

i forgot to mention Unknown Soldier!
that book is bonkers!