Friday, April 17, 2009

Morrison Madness: Round One Results

Well, I'm freshly graduated from sexy bounty hunter school and ready to show you the results...


In the ALT/PUNK DIVISION, We3 was "gud" enough to eke out a victory against THE INVISIBLES with 53% of the vote.

While in the META DIVISION, BATMAN pulled a black glove from its cape and proceeded to smack THE MYSTERY PLAY about the face, walking away with 87% of the vote.

Both advance to ROUND TWO of the playoffs.

While in the ROUND ONE: SUPERHERO DIVISION FINALE, BATMAN: GOTHIC just made the cut, winning with a slim 51% in the EARLY SUPERHERO DIVISION.

In the LATE SUPERHERO DIVISION, MARVEL BOY like the cockroach, ultimately outlasted WildCATS, scoring with 77% of the vote.

Both advance to ROUND TWO of the playoffs.

Come back tomorrow as we set things up for ROUND TWO with pretty brackets and stuff.

This has been fun and interesting, hasn't it?

Feel free to discuss any surprises or upsets in the COMMENTS section and we'll see you here tomorrow.


Siskoid said...

I voted for We3, and I love it, while I was always "meh" about the Invisibles, but I still feel bad about it. Invisibles seemed like his opus, y'know? Maybe it was too personal to be reach everyone.

If we're still going with the Alan Moore parallel, Invisibles is Morrison's From Hell. Clearly brilliant, but not for everyone.

My money's still on Doom Patrol or Animal Man. Hard to beat the early work. Even Einstein came up with relativity in his 20s, then spent the rest of his life chasing that success.

Unknown said...

We3 is amazing, but The Invisibles simply *is* Grant Morrison's work, to me. I'm a slobbering fanboy, admittedly, but that book - the themes, the messed-up cyclic chronology, the secret history - it was so good.

That was a tough matchup for the Invisibles in the first round.


BIG MIKE said...

Yeah, I would say the biggest upset so far is the Invisibles going down to We3, but the will of the fanboys must be obeyed. Honestly, though, as much as I love the Invisibles, I can totally understand the criticisms. We3 is a great graphic novel start to finish.

I was surprised to see Batman: Gothic make the second round.

Devon Sanders said...

I have to say that I'm shocked at The Invisibles not advancing to Round Two, as well.

Other surprises were The Authority's somewhat strong showing (though, it didn't advance.)

Was it that most folks' assumption that it has more than two issues going for it or did they think that the ROBBIE Morrison run Authority was the GRANT Morrison run?

BIG MIKE said...

I just updated the bracket for round 2. Some of the matchups are going to be close.

Siskoid said...

Here's to the losers...

The Invisibles was MEANT to be Morrison's opus, but it didn't work out that way. Is it the closest to his "vision"? Yes, probably. Is it the seminal work to fans? Apparently not.

While the Batman run is severely handicapped by extremely bad art in the latter half, who the hell remembers what The Mystery Play was about?

While I liked Kid Eternity more than I did Gothic, I would never call it one of Morrison's best. We'll leave it to a matter of taste.

WildCATS, well... It's WildCATS. No surprise there.