Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morrison Madness: The Fantastic Four Voting

Has it sank in yet? We're approaching the homestretch of our li'l MORRISON MADNESS project and I just wanted to take time out to thank Mike P. for creating the brackets for this little thing that's come to take up three weeks of my life and to Graig for creating the master list for which we're taking this from.

And most of all I'd like to thank YOU, for taking the time and interest to participate, comment and most importantly, vote.

Now, on to our FANTASTIC FOUR!!!

As mentioned before We3 took the ALT/PUNK DIVISION with a resounding 83% of the vote.

In yesterday's round of voting, in the META DIVISION, ANIMAL MAN matched We3, percentage-wise, and handed JLA: EARTH 2 its ass with a remarkable 83% of the vote.

In the EARLY SUPERHERO DIVISION, THE DOOM PATROL was narrowly defeated by JLA. JLA grasped victory at the last second winning with a slim 56% of your votes.

And, in the LATE SUPERHERO DIVISION, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN is working hard to keep ts sun bright and returned to a hero's welcome with 78% of the vote, soundly defeating NEW X-MEN.

And here's your FANTASTIC FOUR!!!



Join us tomorrow as we have the final round of voting to determine the ultimate of Morrison's many works.




Siskoid said...

I am extremely, extremely disappointed that Doom Patrol is no longer in the running.

Whatever the popular vote gives us, I think the whole contest made us take sides and think about what is Morrison's opus (his "Watchmen" as you said).

For me it's Doom Patrol. In spades.

Grebok said...

Yeah, the problem is people are (naturally) voting for their favorites, which doesn't necessarily translate into what is the seminal Morrison work.

B/c I'm telling you right now, All Star Superman is going to win. And that's wrong. It's a great book, but it's wrong.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed about a couple of things, Doom Patrol among them...

But get serious, We3's going to win.

Man, this really was an amazingly good idea. I'm on pins and needles.

Siskoid said...

Like I said, whatever happens, this allowed us all to answer the question for ourselves.

Thanks Devon!

Devon Sanders said...

@ Siskoid

You're very welcome.