Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting To Know…Us: The Questions

So we have hit the one month here at Second Printing. I hope you will agree that it has been a pretty good month. Interesting posts, great responses from you guys, it has been awesome. Super fun to write and, I hope, super fun to read.

So I was thinking, what would take Second Priting up a notch? I thought it was a little presumptuous to start marketing the Ben, Devon, Mike P, and Jon bobble heads, maybe just a tad early. So in lieu of that, we decided to give you a chance to find more about us as people. It is that human connection that really makes the blogosphere work. It is those digital hands that reach out and meet in a friendly high-five of ones and zeros that take this global, computerized landscape, uh, well, you get the picture.

So loyal Second Printers, ask away. You want to know what comic made us cry? Ask it. You want to know whom we favor in a butler fight between Alfred and Jarvis? Ask it. You don’t just have to stick to comics either. You want to know what we bowl? Ask it. You want to which of us sports boxers, briefs or have ventured into the mystical land of the boxer-brief? Ask it.

Just keep posting questions from now until Friday and we will take this glorious long weekend to answer said questions. THEN come back next Tuesday to see just what makes us tick (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come back tomorrow for another amazing post by one of us).



Anonymous said...

Devon: it is rumored that thou errest not, and in fact I think you even predicted that Superboy Prime was responsible for Infinite Crisis long before anyone else did, so I guess the rumors are true. With that in mind, can you give us five startling predictions about upcoming DC events?

Nick said...

To all:

Worst comic or trade paperback you've ever read?

Best comic or trade paperback you've ever read?

Favorite Fiction novel?

# of long boxes/short boxes owned?


Gorilla Robots or Gorilla Ninjas?

Zombies or Werewolves?

Transmetropolitan: Love it or just meh about?

Emerald Twilight story, worst idea ever or BEST?

Have any of you paid over 35 bucks for a single issue of a comic? If so what was it?

Ted Kord: For or against his demise.

First comic you ever read?

Last comic you just finished reading?

Digital comic distribution vs brick and mortar comic stores: Thoughts, opinions?

Nate said...

The most important question:

Who is more powerful? Mork from Ork, Jeanie, or Samaantha.

Show your work.

Nate said...

What's the worst ending to a comic book series ever? Including mini, maxi, and open-ended series?

Anonymous said...

Well, the one question I want to know is probably the one you want to speak of least, which is: "What happened?"

Barring that:

DC's recent handling of Kirby: Homage or Hubris?

This last year of comics... what's up with that?

This next year of comics... will it make up for it?

Which of the big two is doing it better as of this writing?

When is the Second Printing Podcast starting? When it happens will you get use than one microphone?

Which character in Fiction do you most identify with? Which do you wish you were more like?

What's your superhero name?

Most improved character of recent history?

Most tarnished character of recent history?

Etc, etc, anon.

J said...

How do you each combat the so-called "humans" among us who try to persuade you that only small children and the deeply retarded read comic books?