Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Versus: Hawkman (DC)/Archangel (Marvel)

The sound of metal clashing against metal fills the rain-soaked skies.

On the ground, bystanders look to the heavens, wiping away the droplets filling their eyes, trying their best to get a better view of the battle raging above their heads.

One has been forged in time & battle, the other through trial & transmogrification.

Suddenly, the skies roars and the rain above turns red, once again meeting the eyes below.

Just as suddenly, the sound of the rain is all there is.

A winged figure, quietly, hurtles to the ground below and above, there is a victor.

So, Second Printers, the question's a simply one: HAWKMAN or ARCHANGEL?


Jason Langlois said...

Hawkman wins, using a big-assed mace.

Bill D. said...

Hawkman, no question.

Julio Von McWorthington Summers IV said...

Are we kidding ourselves??

1 is a shirtless dude w/ wings that swings a mace, albeit in bad-assed fashion... & the other is a genetically altered ANGEL OF DEATH! Whose wing flechettes are poison-tipped!... & he has freakin' homicidal tendencies!?

I mean, Really? Hawkman's tough & all, but he's got exposed skin & a mace to pulp w/... Archy would slice him to ribbons in 10-12 minutes tops.

Sorry DCU'ers but i'm just being realistic here.

Anonymous said...

"Realistic"? What is this "realistic" you speak of? Everyone knows comics work according to the Rule of DRAMA.

So, shirtless dude with wings and mace, hands down.

ChrisM said...

Warren Worthless-ington in "genetically altered Angel of death" costume is still a monkey in a suit.

Hawkman, however is BAD all the way through....

Being DC or Marvel has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with ANGEL being a big pussy.

Jon Hex said...

Hawkman has a thousand years of being a bad-ass to draw from. Archangel only like three.

Advantage: Reincarnation