Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight Breaks Box Office Records, DC Comics Fearful, Perplexed

"Aw, man."

These are the words heard emanating from the offices of New York-based DC Comics.

"The California boys (Warner Bros.) are gonna start wanting things again. They're (the suits) gonna want changes.

They're gonna want us to put Katie Holmes in the comics. We can't do that. We already gave Batman a girlfriend, a black one."

"Warner Bros. is already sneaking around the office. They keep touching my stuff, holding up my action figures, asking "Who is this?"

"It's Superman, noob."

"Man, it's coming. This guy over here, he keeps asking us what happened to that "Jack Black Green Lantern vehicle."

"Geez, man, it's coming."

When reached for comment, Warner Bros. issued this brief statement:

"We at Warner Bros. couldn't be happier with the performance of The Dark Knight. It did Iron Man-type numbers."


ChrisM said...

ha! I can only imagine the kind of awful pap that the Batman movie will produce. A new Batman title methinks!

I gotta say, I was awestruck by how many people saw it this weekend. I tried to see it MATINEE on Sat. and Sunday and nearly ALL of the afternoon shows were sold out.

I haven't seen movies sold out for YEARS.

Guess its good news....but I worry that WB will take the wrong message from this and instead of following the creative vision of what makes the original character 'work' instead copy specific Dark Knight
qualities (e.g., make them all dark and such..)

I've always thought the Question would make a great adaptation to the screen..but I guess we will see that in Watchmen in March...

SallyP said...

What happened to the Jack Black Green Lantern? Oh, for the love of God...NO!

Gevalher said...

If something is frightening is that the suits will try to apply this formula (dark and hopelessnes) into everything! and it´s not the right way. What they need is DC superheroes 101 classes A.S.A.P. before trying to milk franchises.

Jack Black as GL!? oh, come on, this guy would be fit only for Bouncing Boy role...