Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Girlfriend Rules

Unlike some other second printers, I love my girlfriend enough not to make her read crappy summer crossover comics that she won’t understand. But, unfortunately, I don’t love her enough not to tell her about everything that’s going on in my comics each week. All this time, I had just assumed that she hadn’t been listening. But the other night, when we saw this little furry fella hanging around outside our window…

… she giggles and says, ‘Hey, isn’t that Rocket Raccoon?’ Needless to say, I was aroused. When was the last time your significant other made your little geek heart jump for joy?


raistlinsghost said...

Dude, you wouldn't believe how often my significant other (who I call Superwife on my blog) does the exact same thing.

I am introducing superheroes to my daughter and was watching Wonder Woman a few weeks ago with her and Superwife, and during a gun fight, as the bullets richochet harmlessly away, Superwife exclaims to the bad guys: "Quit aiming at her bracelets everytime!"

It was awesome.

Anthony Strand said...

My girlfriend called me last night to complain about how bad Superman III is, which she had just watched for the first time.

And later started absent-mindedly humming the Superman theme.

And later in the same conversation she called Bruce Timm crazy because "he loves his redesigns so much".

She does not read comic books. But she's a big superheroes-in-other-media geek.

So yeah, I'm right there with you.

Allan said...

Are you sure she didn't say "isn't that Rocky Raccoon?" and is secretly seeing a Beatles fanatic behind your back?

(Sewing the seeds of unjustified paranoia is not just my job, it's my passion)

Bill D. said...

Every Friday night when she says, "Hey, let's watch Doctor Who."

And a few months back, she made a Jack Kirby joke, after which she answered my astonished glance with a smirky "See? Sometimes I actually listen to you."

KENT! said...

I'd be a big cheat since my wife was already a huge comics fan well before we ever met.

Every Wednesday the little lady and I venture out at lunch time (we work in the same office) to our LCS, a tradition we've had since first meeting ... at the comic shop... on a Wednesday.

We can sit down at any point and have hours conversation about writers and artists and characters and stories and publishers and movie adaptation and blogs and toys and brainstorm Halloween costumes and whatnot. I'm never at a loss for a geek moment with her...

Benhatt said...

So a couple weeks ago my wife and I were chilling with the people who live in the group house above us. I have been on a kick (inspired by Jon Carey) of quizzing non-comic readers on random comic trivia.

I asked, "What is Green Lantern's secret weakness?"
expecting the answer "Yellow."

However, my wife heard, "Who does Green Lantern secretly kiss?" to which she replied "Black Canary." having picked up, over the years, that Green Lantern and Green Arrow are best friends and Green Arrow and Black Canary are married.

I kissed her right then and there.

Also she has this pair of Super Girl underwear...

Rambo said...

Laura asked me specifically to borrow my copy of Rebirth. That's really all it takes with me.

And she too has a pair of Supergirl panties.