Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Color of Politics

I love what Geoff Johns is doing with the set up of the Blackest Night and the whole “War of Light” thing. I love the idea of seven corps. It is more than kind of awesome. The other day I was talking about the splash page from DC Universe, you know the one where we see the spectrum of rings, and talking about the Blue panel. This one:

One of the mysteries around the “War of Light” that has intrigued me the most is who is the “he” they are talking about? I keep hoping that the “he” will be Superman – I mean who else inspires such hope? Well the other day, I posed that question to a buddy. His response?

Barack Obama. You know what? He’s right. I mean whether you are a Democrat, Republican or whatever you can’t deny the fact that Obama has the power to inspire great hope. Voter turn out is higher than ever and there is a whiff in air that maybe – just maybe – something is going to change. That is more hope than I, as a voter, have ever felt in the few elections I have participated in. For that ability I would agree with my buddy and grant Obama a Blue Ring. What about the other rings?

Red Ring

Those who possess the Red Ring are powered by rage. In fact they have so much rage that the power literally pours out of their mouths. These are angry people here. Known for his moments of rage, for losing his cool (type in Angry McCain into YouTube and see what comes up), for loving the hell out of some war, I grant the Red Ring to Republican nominee John McCain.

Orange Ring
The orange rings are those of Avarice – they go to beings whose greed overwhelms them. Who are so driven by want and need that they will stop at nothing to obtain it. Hilary Clinton, I grant this ring to you. I believe that Clinton felt she was the right person for the job but her truth stretching (she was called out by Sinbad) and bizarre comments (Kennedy Assassination) made me feel that she what she wanted, lusted after, was the title “Madam President” more than anything else. It was all hers as is were. Her precious.

Yellow Ring

Sinestro and his Corps traveled the universe with one goal – to spread Fear. They would kill, kidnap, torture, whatever just to make a galaxy shake in their proverbial boots. I think one should be obvious – the Yellow Ring goes to President Bush. His presidency has been about planning on worries about the unknown. Anywhere could have a terrorist. Anyone could have a dirty bomb. I can just see the sickly, yellow glow illuminating the Oval Office. For the ability to inspire great fear, Bush is Sinestro’s man.

Violet Ring

The ring of Love. Not day trips to the beach, puppies and butterflies, soft focus sort of love. No the violet rings are the sort of love that drives you crazy, that makes you lust after someone, that takes over your mind. With the number of scandals out there in the dozens there was a virtual plethora of people to choose from. However, one man truly stood out in my mind, mostly because of the amount of money he spent on a single woman, I give the Violet Ring to Eliot Spitzer. Go sex the crap out of something now, former Governor.

Indigo Ring
So far the Corps we know the least about. They have weird looking staves and weird looking tattoos. They are powered by Compassion and the want to spread said feeling around the universe. They seem a little crunchy with a sort of hippie vibe. Oh, and they have their own language that no one understands. There really is only one person who really screams Indigo Ring of Compassion – Dennis “I’d Make A Department of Peace” Kucinich. I mean, for real, when the Representative form Ohio starts talking about veganism does anyone understand the words that are coming out of his mouth?

I guess by this point you noticed that I left out the Green Lanterns in my list. The idea of a Corp of people somewhere in politics who are powered by Will, whose sole purpose is to stop evil in the world, yeah I am not sure that shit exists in politics. What about you?

Who Would Be Your Green Lantern Corps of Politics?


BIG MIKE said...

I think Teddy Roosevelt was the last Green Lantern in American politics. In addition to his military service, he had a law enforcement background, having been an NYC police commissioner. In addition, he faced down big business and pursued conservation despite high political costs. I would say that his professional and public lives were characterized by the ability to overcome great fear, and in a good way.

Devon Sanders said...

Kennedy was totally Hal Jordan. Military service, multiple siblings,made his bones during The Cold War, lusted after chicks with bouffant hair-dos...

Anonymous said...

Kucinich isn't a senator, but that's a very small quibble compared to the reality that you absolutely nailed who should get each ring.

As for the Black Lanterns, it's hard to say, but Cheney is an easy choice. "What's the deal with airline food?" easy, in fact.

And as for who would be a Green Lantern ... ? That would be the US military as an organization, of course.

Benhatt said...


Totally right. I knew he was a congressman but for some reason I wrote senator. I put the post together pretty hastily this morning. I fixed it.

John Trumbull said...

Great post! I agree with all of your choices.

Yep, Kennedy was Jordan. I think I read somewhere that the 3 Jordan brothers were inspired by the Kennedy brothers.

Also, JFK & Hal were both killed off before their time. :)

Jeff said...

Brilliant! I agree with Big Mike on Teddy Roosevelt.

Cascade/Jordan said...

Lincoln has to be a Green Lantern, without a doubt in my mind.

Unknown said...

Patrick Fitzgerald.


Jon Hex said...

The first George Bush was a Green Lantern, probably part of the Corpse.

Josh said...

Sadly, when Kucinich said, "It's that kind of dichotomized thinking that got us into this," I understood what he was saying. Probably we've read the same self-help books.