Sunday, February 21, 2016

Second Printing's Artists' Fellowship: Javier Rodriguez

From Spider-Woman #4
Inks by Alvaro Lopez, Colour: Rachelle Rosenberg

In the Secret Wars-induced hiatus of Spider-Woman -- in which the series, only 10 issues long, was cancelled and relaunched a few months later with a new number one -- series artist Javier Rodriguez seemed to find a new sense of artistic self.  It's not like it's a drastic shift in style, his figure work doesn't look radically different, nor is there a drastic change in his background work, and his layouts for the most part, are conventional...but every few pages Rodriguez lets the beast out and his pages are delirious things of mad ingenuity, pushing perspectives like Steranko or constructing panels with a J.H. Williams III-like virve. He's a man in transition, and once he figures out how to feed his creative drive while also servicing 20 pages (or more) of story, we'll see something strikingly unique and very impressive.

(I'll figure out decent picture taking in some other lifetime)

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