Sunday, February 21, 2016

Catching up on Comics with CGraig: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2-4

(2015/2016, Marvel)

This is perhaps my favourite ongoing title at present, and already an all-time favourite.  It's comic book perfection.  Reading Squirrel Girl gives me the same giddy sensation as when I read the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League back in the day: just flat out love for the world and its energy, and utter appreciation of the craft of fine comic-booking by Ryan North and Erica HendersonUSG is clearly the result of people who love what they are doing, and it shows especially in the liveliest letters pages this side of Saga. Truth was when this book started this wasn't the Squirrel Girl I was hoping to see, but it took North and Henderson all of a few pages of its first issue (not even the whole thing) to sell me on what they were doing. And when Marvel started canceling books in the wake of Secret Wars I was so worried that USG was finished.  But if three pages of letter columns in this second volume tell me anything it's that there are more people out there like me who love this book (and more who love it even more than I do). Also, it legit makes me laugh out loud, a lot. These opening "recap" pages (typically in the form of a Twitter-style scrawl, usually featuring Squirrel Girl prodding Tony Stark on one thing or another) get things started off right, every time.

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They changed things up for this latest arc as Doreen is trapped in the 1960 with Dr. Doom (the very same Dr., Doom who is still reeling from his first encounter with --and loss to-- SG) playing Marvel U's Aku (Doom is LAW) and attempting to take over the world...
...and by all appearances succeeding.

But, you know SG's got a plan...of some kind...right?

Don't worry, her actual plan (come issue 5) is even more awesome than riding dinosaurs.  How great is Erica Henderson?  That Rosie the Riviter panel is just the bomb, and the four panels that follow, comedic genius.

BONUS! Variant covers I don't own but wish I did!
A bit of fun with The Wicked and the Divine

OK, not so sure I want the cover so much as I want this action! Make it real!!!

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