Sunday, July 25, 2010

Detective: Comics

I never fashioned myself as a hero but it just sort of... happened.

As a matter of fact, after a long layoff, I just sort of returned blue.

I've been doing this longer than some but even with everything I've done I just register.

Hell, I must be insane to keep doing this but you know what? I've barely scratched the surface.


ANSWER: Patsy Walker, Hellcat. Answered by Ken Cox


Nate said...

Dan Cassidy

Devon Sanders said...

Nope but looking at it again, I could see how you that could be a very good answer.

Consider yourself No-Prized.

King Beauregard said...

Hank McCoy, the Beast. Never wanted to be a hero, left the hero biz, came back blue and furry, had to deal with Mutant Registration issues, and has become cat-like of late.

Devon Sanders said...


Not who I was thinking of but a great guess.

King Beauregard said...

Okay then, Aquaman. Heroing was never part of his plan (he was trying to figure out where to fit in), he eventually showed up in a blue costume, he gets no respect despite his long long run, he went nuts around PAD's run, and "surface" comes up a lot where Aquaman is concerned.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Lou

No but great reasoning.

King Beauregard said...

Doctor Manhattan?

Starman / Prince Gavyn?


I can make it fit any of them. Don't make me explain how it fits Kairo ...

Bethama said...

Superman. I'm basing this entirely on:
1. He was born with his powers, and in particular, in current continuity doesn't he wear the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby as a cape? Not his choice of fashion.

2. He just got back from New Krypton. Costume's still blue, reference to the "Red and Blue" thing.

3. For a while, his time as Superboy was erased from continuity. Even now, it wasn't common knowledge.

4. This one's a stretch, but "scratch" makes me think of scratching a reporter's pad with a pencil.

Ken Cox said...

Patsy Walker, AKA: Hellcat. She was a fashion model, superheroine by accident, was in limbo for a while, had her primarily-yellow costume replaced with a blue one, first appeared in 1944(!), voluntarily registered for the Superhuman Registration Act, has "Hell" in her name & was driven "insane" by husband Damion Hellstrom, and her costume has claws, like a cat's.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Ken Cox

You are spot-on!