Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Devon's Fave Five: DC Comics' Five Best Team Players

Every universe has them. That one person who, if you put them on a team, just make your eyes and mind agree that that just looks right.

Now, I'm not talking about a Superman on The Justice League. No, more like team players who walk in from limbo, rise to the occasion and make whatever team they're own just that much more awesome.

So, here we go a salute to awesome and we begin with...


I don't know what it is about this guy. There's just something about him that doesn't necessarily scream, "TEAM" but I'll be damned if he hasn't, despite his early days headlining his own comic, become an integral part of two The DCU's more prominent teams, The Justice League and The Outsiders.

Defining moment: Selflessly sacrificing his life evacuating teammates, Icemaiden, Obsidian and Nuklon after an attack by The Hyperclan.


Introduced as a solo character in his own book, Blue Devil has become to many a comics fan's 80's comics reading experience. Since then, BD has taken himself and his talent for attracting weirdness onto three different teams within The DCU, fighting within the ranks of The Sentinels of Magic, The Justice League and most recently, The Shadowpact.

Defining moment: Sacrifices his own humanity to defeat the demon Neron, going from a man in a devil suit to living life as a real devil.


Another former solo character who found popularity as a team player. From being personally picked by The Batman to join The Outsiders to currently leading the team. Recently, he's served as a member of one of the latest incarnations of The Justice League and has two daughters, one a former Outsider, the other currently a member of The Justice Society of America.

Defining moment: Turned down a personal invitation from Superman for League membership because it didn't fit with his personal goals.


A former utility player within The DC Universe, Black Canary has not only gone on to become a marquee name but reserve Justice Society member, Justice League leader and arguably, the star of The Birds of Prey series.

Defining moment: When continuity errors forced Wonder Woman out as a founding member of The Justice League of America, Black Canary was chosen as the only character capable of taking her place.


Because... Hawkman, that's why. Whether serving as chairman of The Justice Society or as a longtime member Justice League, Hawkman has managed to become synonymous with The DC Universe's two most storied and powerful teams.

Defining moment: Killing Nazis in two different centuries.


ChrisM said...

ya' know I gotta wonder if this is somehow a SIGN that there's a new TEAM that could be made from these 5 characters... I mean, this is a much more interesting blend then the Champions..I could see how this would work..

and yeah..Black Canary could still be on BOP and on this team as well...

Makes me wonder if 5 is enough or if you need a few more...

But what to call it.....

Devon Sanders said...

I know. There's really only, what, two or three teams in The DCU?

KENT! said...

Agents of L.A.W.? Erm.
Extreme Justice? Uh.
Primal Force?

just a joke, mate, put down the bat...