Monday, May 31, 2010

Riddle Me This...

So, if The Riddler is to be the next villain in the third Batman movie, who should play him?

After much discussion, consensus was shocking built within the confines of a comic shop.

Our choice for the man believing himself to be The Batman's intellectual superior is:

Jude Law

Visually, not only does his receding hairline sort of seal the deal but this dude always plays the dandy and not only looks great in a bowler; he also portrays posh arrogance truly well.

And isn't what The Riddler is all about?


Andrea said...

Don't think I would have thought of him but agree, he wouldn't be a bad choice at all. Who else did you guys come up with during your debate?

Adj said...

Oh good call!

Peter said...

That's a good choice. I'd like to see what a Jude Law/Riddler would be like. My number one choice for the Riddler is Robin Williams. Yes seriously. If you've ever seen his episode of Law and Order, that's what I think the Riddler should be like.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Andrea

It was a lightning bolt moment. Someone suggested it we all went, "Ohhh..."

Jeff said...

I have always thought that Pee Wee Herman would make the perfect, eerie Riddler.