Friday, May 21, 2010

Forward Thinking

The Heroic Age, Marvel Comics' return to straight-on superheroics, began with this week's Avengers #1. While I'm a HUGE proponent of the idea of an Avengers where the "Big 3" of Cap, Iron Man and Thor are on-call; the book I'm actually most looking forward to is The Secret Avengers.

Hot on the heels of "Siege," a newly returned Steve Rogers has officially passed on the Captain America mantle to former protege, James "Bucky" Barnes; in his quest to keep the world safe from future "Civil Wars" and such, he creates a proactive counter-espionage team, working entirely in "secret."

Three more agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the forms of The Black Widow, Sharon Carter and The Irredeemable Ant-Man. A mercenary with multiple personality disorder who worships a moon god, Moon Knight. Former Iron Man, military pilot and engineer, War Machine. An immortal Asgardian warrior demi-goddess in Valkyrie. Genius scientist and former X-Man, The Beast and fresh from his involvement in an multiple intergalactic wars, Nova, The Human Rocket.

This book has everything I want in it; the "real" Cap, a writer who understands what a "thriller" should be in Ed Brubaker, an artist who can pull it all together in Mike Deodato, Jr and a premise that looks to be equal parts Avengers and GI Joe.

Adult Devon and teen Devon shake hands, irrevocably screwing up the space/time continuum but...


One of the absolute joys of comics is that at any given moment a writer could have Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom and Dracula standing on the moon, negotiating who takes what of The Earth. That is the power of comics.

And writer understands this better than most, Paul Cornell, late of Captain Britain and MI 13. The man understands villains, what motivates them and ultimately, what leads to their downfall. So, when it was announced that he would be taking over Action Comics featuring... Lex Luthor. A Lex still in possession of an Orange Lantern power ring (Avarice) and on a quest for more power that will lead him into direct conflict with most dangerous villains within The DC Universe. What more do you need?

Lois Lane as Lex's "girlfriend."

Doom. Dracula. Now, Lex as "hero."

I think this guy likes his villains.


What upcoming books are YOU most looking forward to?

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Jeff said...

Until you described the Action Comics book in that way, I wasn't looking forward to it. I actually hadn't spent any time thinking about it, I had just kind of dismissed it. But now I'm really interested in reading it!