Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweeps Week

So over at Newsarama, there were polls and across the board, DC Comics walked away the clear leader with most of their competition not even registering in the second round of voting.

So this led me to wondering; is this a simple taking of the pulse of the comics fan or is it a signal to the comics industry that DC Comics, with its current crop of storylines and creators, are giving the people more of what they want or is it something more?

Now, I've made no secret that I believe that the Big Two of Marvel AND DC haven't been floating my boat with numerous crossovers and tie-ins that do nothing but squeeze your wallet and stymie the sensibilities.

So far, Blackest Night has done neither. For example, I didn't want to read Blackest Night: Titans so I didn't and was quickly brought up to date in the pages of Blackest Night.

It's choice and in the Newsarama poll, the readers chose and the overwhelming response was that they like what DC's doing.

So, my question is this: Was DC's sweep a simple case of "what's good" or was this a referendum to the comics industry that what DC is currently doing is simply better than what everyone else is producing?


KENT! said...

My personal sense from reading the site for the past little while is that the Newsarama readership is predominantly composed of DC readers, and a slavering bunch of fanboys they are too. The fact that Ivan Reis beat JH Williams III in the best artist poll is a joke. Reis is a great artist, but NOBODY can touch what Williams is doing in the graphic field right now.

Bill said...

I wonder if the polls had been conducted during Secret Invasion how it would have panned out.

Nate said...

I'll let you know when I get the Blackest Night trade I pre-ordered, the Batman and Robin trade I pre-ordered, the World of Krypton trade I pre-ordered, the Green Lantern trade I pre-ordered

and the Incredible Hercules trade I ordered from the other one

Am I the only one who just doesn't give a crap about the Dark Reign and it's inevitable end by Steve Rogers punching Osborne in the face?

ChrisM said...

I think Graig is right on with the Newsarama poll.

Also, it seems to me that Blackest Night has some crazy buzz/PR going on. DC Direct's action figure storm of Blackest Night figure (esp. from this year's SDCC) is publicity in itself. I have a friend whose 11-year old has NEVER read Blackest Night,but is in a frenzy over the toys because his teenage cousins have shown them to him.

It seems to me also, that people will often vote for what they are familiar in lieu of knowledge about the actual topic. I'll bet that Blackest Night gets read a LOT more then the Batwoman run in Detective.

Ultimately, Blackest Night seems like a good example of a successful event.Its getting mentioned by all major press outlets, good promotional items, and probably even being bought by people who have no clue what's going on.

Great net said...

I wonder if the polls had been conducted during Secret Invasion how it would have panned out.

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