Thursday, January 28, 2010

Devon's List of DC Characters Overdue For A Comeback


Need one even ask "why?"


With Brightest Day fast approaching, who better to represent change for the better than reinstating Hank Hall AKA Monarch as Hawk.

Turning Hawk into Monarch pretty much symbolized everything wrong about DC Comics in the 90's. In an age where they ceremoniously killed and replaced Superman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen, maimed Aquaman and crippled Batman, they also simultaneously crippled the concept of Hawk and Dove. They're characters linked in an eternal struggle against the forces of Order and Chaos and DC chose Chaos, leaving Order (Dove) to fend for herself in limbo. The final indignity was replacing them with guitar-strumming grunge rockers who talked about... something... who gives a damn?

They weren't Hawk and Dove.

If a brighter day is truly to come, who better to usher it in than the balance of Order and Chaos?


It's just time. Bring him back. The smiling, happy guy above. Bring him back. Drop the angst. Drop the healing hand schtick. Bring back Mera. Bring back AQUAMAN. Bring back the King of The Seven Seas. As ruler of 70% of the Earth, Aquaman should be it's most well-traveled hero. One issue should have him fighting sea monsters in Ireland, the next exploring the reappearance of the river Styx in Greece. Aquaman should always be in motion.

Aquaman should be a walking, talking version of The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Sea monsters? Aquaman.

Adventure? Aquaman.

Danger? Aquaman.


You're never gonna get another chance like this, ever again. Grant Morrison is writing Batman and the man known for breaking down the walls of convention is known for making the impossible, feasible. The man who gave Danny The Street to the Doom Patrol, the writer who revealed himself as a character within the Vertigo Universe he was helping create has yet to touch one of the greatest of all Bat-creations, The Bat-Mite.

Grant, please, please, PLEASE break open The Black Casebook and give us some new Bat-Mite stories. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to storytelling, you owe it to "fun," and most importantly, you owe it to Bat-Mite.


KENT! said...

Dear DC Comics,
Can you hire Devon to write an Aquaman comic? The guy just gets it.

Bill D. said...

Hell to the yes on everything you said about Aquaman. And since he's pretty much everyone's favorite guest star on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he's riding a wave (sorry) of popularity he hasn't seen in years. They need to capitalize on that.

And yeah, Hawkman, too. Kyle Baker spent 12 weeks this summer showing everyone why Hawkman works, and his short appearance in the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies movie was one of the most exciting parts of the whole thing. Tough guy with wings hits monsters and villains with a mace... that works. Don't worry about the reincarnation, don't try and make sense out of his history, just pare him down to basics. Just like Aquaman, really.

Patrick C said...

Grant did write Bat-Mite in Batman R.I.P.

"The Fifth Dimension is imagination"

Rob S. said...

The River Styx reappearing in Greece? That is a great idea.

Peter said...

I forgot what blog I read it on, but someone had the idea that Blackest Night was written for the sole purpose of bringing back Aquaman. I completely agree.

And I'm like one of five who thought the water hand was pretty cool. Oh well

Nick Leshi said...

Looks like Hawkman might be the best thing in the "Absolute Justice" episode of Smallville. Maybe it's the beginning of a comeback.

And I really wish someone would get Aquaman right.

-- Nick
from City of Kik

Devon Sanders said...

@ Graig

I wish but you did make my day with that.

@ Bill

I gotta go with Peter, I believe it's only a matter of time before we see both Hawkman and Aquaman return to comics as we know them. Now, it's just a matter of which Hawkman and Aquaman we'll get.

@ Rob


@ Patrick

Believe it or not, I kinda skipped over RIP. Not a huge Tony Daniel fan.

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Gotta keep that in mind.

Kansasjin said...

I...I'm sorry. Aquaman would have to be either monumentally trippy/funny or a total rip off of the JLU one for me to give two shakes about him. I'd play the hell out of an Aquaman video game, though.

Devon Sanders said...

@ Kansasjin

I hear you. Aquaman should be like the Swiss Army knife of comics. it should have multiple functions.

Trippy should DEFINITELY be one of them.

Kansasjin said...

That's what I like to hear. DC, sign this man up!