Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Printing: Watch This Space

I'm gonna be honest with you:

This blog ain't what it used to be.

It was updated on a semi-regular basis and with very good material from four very good writers.

When the blog first began, it was myself, Ben, Jon and Mike and we all did this for one simple reason; we loved comics. Still do.

Later, we added Graig for the very same reason.

As time went on, we all, somewhere along the line became a bit less enthralled with the weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, whenever-the-artist-finishes hype of the comic book. Series we loved and championed were canceled or came to their natural ending.

Also in that time, well...

We kind of grew up on you.

We all sort of went "all-in" on the lives we're leading outside of comics and I know for a fact that at least two of us haven't picked up an actual comic in months so that sorta hampers the production of a comics blog.

No one to blame, really. That's where the blog comes in:

I've gotta look at hard truths.

Comics just don't hold the sway it used to for most of us.

Not to say we don't care or we're done but the truth is I have no idea how much or how often you're going to see new posts on Second Printing from myself or anyone else.

When we can, we'll try. Some of them will probably be bad to good to very good. Even more importantly, I hope they'll be something worth the visit and the time it took to read them.

So, as always, watch this space.


Anonymous said...

You (the collective "you") may not post as often as you used to, but you're batting close to a thousand in terms being worth my time and attention. Many times I don't have anything useful to say in response to the posts here, but I do look forward to them.

Post when the spirit moves you, as time permits, and I'll be glad for it. I'm almost certainly not alone.

And ... it turns out Kyle couldn't stay dead for even one complete issue (last page to last page). Oh well, there's always next time.

Rob S. said...

'sokay. Post when you can, and we'll read.