Thursday, July 16, 2009

Detective: Comics

We number the individual fingers of the hand.

Yet, we strike hard, not unlike the fist.

We are leaders and the led.

We die and yet survive.



Bill said...

Ben 10? Just kidding.
The Black Hawks?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Bill

Nope. :)

Anonymous said...

A superhero team comprised of Jimmy Hoffas from four parallel earths.

njcook0312 said...

The metal men?

Devon Sanders said...


Great guess but, no.

BIG MIKE said...

The Forever People?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Big Mike


Bill said...

Mandarin's rings.

ChrisM said...

Is it the Hand?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Bill and Chris

It's neither.

Unknown said...

The Invisibles.

There are five of them (fingers on a hand) and they perform guerrilla attacks against the enemy (strike hard like a fist). Leadership of the cell rotates regularly (leaders and lead) and they have both faked their own deaths and have been spiritually reborn (die and survive).

Devon Sanders said...


Damn good choice but it's not who I'm thinking of.

Seriously, damned good guess!

ChrisM said... about?

Green Lantern's rings?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Chris

Nope but think of it more as a title.

Unknown said...

the specter?

Jon Hex said...

the Inhuman Royal Family - Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon & Triton

Devon Sanders said...

@ TJ and Jon

Nope but don't think of who I'm thinking of as a team and more as a legacy.

Bethama said...

Er. Maybe too similar to ChrisM's, but is it the Green Lanterns of Earth?

There are five, total: Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner.

Hal is infamous for his giant green boxing gloves.

The latter four are all "led" by the Guardians of the Universe, while Alan Scott is, as a founding member of the Justice Society, a mentor to the group's current roster.

And while all of them started as Green Lanterns, they have also all replaced their superheroic powers and monickers at some point - Alan Scott was Sentinel; Hal Jordan was the Specter; John Stewart led the Dark Stars; Guy Gardner was Warrior; and Kyle Rayner was Ion.
Thus, while they all "die" as GLs, they consistently "survive" as heroes. the ballpark, even?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Bethama

No but it is elite company, much like The Corps.

Bill D. said...

The Losers? There's 5 of them if you count Pooch (and who wouldn't?).

Jon Hex said...

The Australian X-Men

Devon Sanders said...

@ Bill and Jon

Neither. Think of it as a calling only one person can bestow upon you.

Bethama said...


Devon Sanders said...

@ Bethama


There've been five "in-continuity" Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown & Damian al-Ghul Wayne.

They are all excellent with their fists.

Dick and Tim have both lead The Teen Titans and Dick, The Outsiders and Titans.

Jason and Stephanie have both been killed and brought back to life and according to DC One Million, there will most definitely be a Robin in the future.

Awesome guess!