Friday, July 24, 2009

Detective: Comics

You could call me by many names.

Before joining the royal family, I was the protege of a Chief.

I've been famous in Victory and withdrawal.

You've seen me as a father, but never as a son.



Ken Cox said...

It's Roy Harper.

His superhero names include Speedy, Arsenal, and Red Arrow.

Before becoming ward to Oliver Queen (as in royalty), he was raised by Chief Brave Bow of a Navajo tribe.

Back in the Golden Age, Green Arrow and Speedy were members of the Seven Soldiers of VICTORY, and Roy's most famous moment was when he had to quit his heroin addiction, going into WITHDRAWAL.

Roy has a daughter, Lian, with supervillainess Cheshire, but his birth parents were dead before he ever appeared on-panel.

BIG MIKE said...


Got it in one. Second Printing salutes you. Was that too easy?

Bill said...

Wow! I was going to guess Beast Boy...