Friday, February 13, 2009

Second Printing's Weekly Question- Updated!

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What were the last three trades you bought? Recommended or no?

Big Mike:
Walking Dead Vol. 8: Made to Suffer - Simply put, one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever read. I needed a drink after finishing this one. Recommended.
Fables Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers - I am way late to the party on Fables. While I enjoyed the first three trades, it wasn't until this one that I understood why people seem to worship this book. Great story. I recommend it big time.
The Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow - This is the only volume of the Post-Zero Hour Legion that I can find in trade. If you're a fan of that particular Legion, recommended. If not, get therapy.

The Incredible Hercules vol.1: Against the World - fun charming stuff, the wife liked it too. Definitely recommended
Immortal Iron Fist vol. 3: Book of the Iron Fist - not recommended (unless you're really into Iron Fist mythology), not that it's bad but the first two volumes contain the meat, this is the extracurricular.
Nova vol 3: Secret Invasion - haven't finished reading it yet, but the Galactus story was flippin' cool. Recommended.

Jon Carey:

Scud: The Whole Shebang- I bought the first trade when I was in eighth grade, oh some years gone, wanted to see the end. I can't say I'd recommend it unless you were wallowing in nostalgia, honestly.

All of Annihilation- Thanks to judicious use of coupons and buy-one-get-one-half-off deals, I got all three trades for like twenty bucks. I read the first couple trades of Nova prior to this and liked those way better- I'm kinda failing to see what the big deal was, I guess. The Ronan mini read like a weird Transformers filler issue starring, like, that Pretender that looked like a whaler, but I suppose that's just Furman for you.

Ares: God of War- Plan A is lighting yourself on fire and having Hercules throe you at stuff? Sign me the fuck up.

Devon Sanders:

Daredevil: Born Again- Loved the hell out of it when I was fourteen and loved it even more at *cough*. I was just as enthralled by its pacing. This time around, what I was struck by was the logical abruptness of its ending. Still the best comic I ever read, though. Highly recommended.

The Death of Captain America: The Man Who Bought America: Vol. 3- Jason Bourne meets superhero comics. What's not to love?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe: Vol. 5- Took it behind the CHUD bleachers and made out with it.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

A trio of Marvel Essentials:

Essential Power Man, Volume One: Good stuff, though uneven. Luke Cage had five different writers in his first twenty-seven issues. Recommended, though not overwhelmingly.

Essential Spectacular Spider-Man, Volume One: To me, at least, the definitive post-Ditko Spider-Man. Filled with wild, weird seventies goodness like the Hypno Hustler and the CB radio/trucker/pig-themed hero Razorback. Recommended for light-hearted, very Marvel-flavored fun. Not recommended for those who like long arcs.

Essential Man-Thing, Volume One: Steve Gerber's introductory work. The mood swings wildly, and a few spots are cringe-inducing, but the bulk of it is imaginative, fun, and well-made. Recommended, provided the idea of a barbarian king from another dimension materializing from a jar of peanut butter sounds cool. If it sounds stupid, skip it.

Scotus said...

Complete Zombies vs. Robots: The first mini-series is considerably better than the second, but it's still a really fun book.

Showcase Presents House of Mystery Vol. 2: Many of the stories are dated and/or you can see the shock ending coming a mile away. But there are also a lot of great gems by guys like Joe Orlando and E. Nelson Bridwell.

All-Star Superman Vol. 2: I really don't get how the same guy who wrote this, maybe the best Superman epic of all time, also wrote Final Crisis, which gave me my biggest comic book-related headache of all time.