Monday, February 9, 2009

Detective: Comics: Who Am I?

I have taken in the dust and touched the sky.

I have been a loner and a joiner.

I have shunned and handed down knowledge.

I have willingly spoken to the dead and unwillingly brought life to this world.

I came from nothing.

I am far from the last.



distractors said...


Or not...

Devon Sanders said...

Or not. ;)

Unknown said...

Jack Knight, Starman.

He teamed up with Wesley Dodds (or alternately fought the Mist) and could fly.

He operated alone for most of his series, then joined the JSA prior to the Grand Guignol storyline.

He refused to ask his father for help in learning the full operation of the cosmic rod. He gave his legacy to Courtney Whitmore.

Every year he communed with his murdered brother David, and he unwillingly fathered a child with Nash, the Mist.

He was once disintegrated and rebuilt from nothing by the technology of Rann.

His legacy is shown to survive well into the future by time travel visits to the 30th Century and beyond.

Devon Sanders said...

The HZA is the winnah!