Friday, August 5, 2016

Trade Weight: Morning Glories Vol. 8 & 9

Trade Weight is a quick look at the heavy stacks of trade paperbacks (graphic novels, etc) that were purchased with excitement but left on the shelf, unconsumed for too long. 

2015, Image Comics

Morning Glories is a frustrating read in trade paperback.  Its dense cast, intricate plotting, and time-hopping story structure make it a challenge to pick up on its many, many story threads with six months' wait between releases (at least).  Not to mention that each issue centers on a single character, ala Lost, but with such an immense cast we may not pick up on a particular thread until 2 trades following.  It's an engrossing world but it's very hard to track without being regularly invested.  I'm fairly certain at this point I just need to wait until Nick Spencer wraps this sucker up and approach it fresh, from the beginning.  But then I said the same thing about The Invisibles and I've still yet to reread it (15 years later).  The "to read" backlog is deep.

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