Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comics I NEED To See In My Lifetime

It only took, what... 30 years for me to read Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali and guess what, really enjoyed it.

Thing was that as soon as I finished it, I wanted a sequel. No, not Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali 2 but the most natural extension of this iconic 1970's event, featuring the only comics character and historical figure worthy of iconic Treasury Edition treatment...




Make it happen.


KENT! said...

That's too retro... I think a spiritual sequel to Superman vs Ali would have to be of our time, 2010.

So what do you think?

Batman vs David Beckham? The World Cup is threatened by some sort of super-genius threatening to set of a hooligan bomb, and Dick Grayson, a dead ringer for Beckham takes his place on field while Bruce does the detective work in the background.

Green Lantern vs Tiger Woods? Green Lantern enlists Woods' help after he's issued the challenge of returning 18 displaced planets to their native orbits by clubbing them into black holes in less than 60 strokes.

Wonder Woman vs Serena and/or Venus Williams? It's amazon vs amazon-esque siblings and they must square off in an ancient Amazonian sport (not unlike tennis)for the fate of mankind (but only man, the ladies would be spared)

The Flash vs Usain Bolt? The fastest superman alive meets the fastest man alive, as Bolt figures out how to tap into the speed force just in time to help Wally West who's stuck in "Speed" like scenario where he must keep running over 600mph or die.

Aquaman vs Michael Phelps? Phelps runs into Aquaman in line at Subway, and they have an altercation when Phelps orders the tuna.

Jeff said...

Please PLEEEEEEEZE make this happen, DC! I'll buy it! I'll also buy three additional copies for friends!