Saturday, September 18, 2010

Detective: Comics

I may have started out so but today, I'm far from green.

I'm high but unlike some folks, I don't need a drug to get there.

I've been a captain and fought against the skull and bones.

I'm decidedly not sci-fi but I filled a black hole.


Answer: The Falcon. Guessed by Ken Cox


Bill said...

Jon Stewart?

Devon Sanders said...

Not John Stewart. ;)

Jason Langlois said...

John Walker aka Super-Patriot aka Captain America aka US Agent?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Jason

Nope. Not that guy.

Ken Cox said...

Is it Sam Wilson, AKA: Falcon?

I don't get the green comment, but he can get "high" by flying on his artificial wings, was "Captain" America's partner and fought the Red "Skull" and Cross"bones" with him, and he was the 1st African American hero in the Marvel Universe (Black Panther pre-dated him, but wasn't an American of any kind).

Devon Sanders said...

@ Ken

Exactly right!

When The Falcon first appeared he sported an atrocious green costume.

He can fly via his artificial wings.

He once had to impersonate Captain America and has fought The Red Skull and yes, Crossbones.

And in reference to "the black hole," he quit The Avengers because they simply needed a black man on the roster.

Great work!