Monday, August 9, 2010

Detective: Comics - Updated

Decided to change the last clue a bit:

So far, not so good.

I'm familiar with the power of one.

I may not be The World's Greatest Detective but if there were trouble, I'd have taken your case.

I've been a warm body and a cold corpse and neither's really been my thing.

A true warrior know's it's all over but the shouting...

ANSWER: GUY GARDNER (Guessed by Ken Cox)


Ken Cox said...

Is it Jean Loring?

She was married to Ray Palmer, AKA: The Atom, which is a symbol of "one"-ness.

She was an attorney who could take "your case."

She died and came back in Blackest Night as a "cold corpse," then promptly killed the young hero "Damage," and was prone to "shouting."

Devon Sanders said...

Not Jean. ;)

Jason Langlois said...

Jim Corrigan, The Spectre?

Devon Sanders said...

Not Corrigan. ;)

Patrick C said...

Crispus Allen, The Spectre?

Devon Sanders said...

It's not a Spectre. ;)

ChrisM said...


Devon Sanders said...

Nope, not Deadman.

He WAS once thought dead, though.

Bethama said...


Devon Sanders said...

Not Deadshot.

Dave Puskas said...

Martian Manhunter?

He's been the "one" surviving green Martian, who took on the persona of "detective" John Jones.

Hit body was set aflame, which killed him.

Does the damage refer to MM needing to destroy the Star City forest in order to find a "replacement" ("All Over But the Shouting" is the title of a biography of The Replacements) for Entity?

Devon Sanders said...

Not The Martian Manhunter but they do have somethings in common.

KENT! said...

Elongated Man?
The first and last clues are really throwing me for a loop.

Was it something to do with the incantations he used in 52?

He fancied himself a detective.

He's been human, rubberman, a dead man, and a ghost

Shot in the dark.

Or... Jason Todd?

Devon Sanders said...

@ Graig

You don't have to be a detective to be assigned a case.

Patrick C said...

Is it Roy Harper? Power of one arm!

Devon Sanders said...


No but they've been on the same team, just at different times.

Cameltrooper said...


Devon Sanders said...

Not Cyborg.

Answer comes tomorrow.

Patrick C said...

OK, I'm still not sure but I'll go Connor Hawke?

Power of One - he's a buddhist monk

He's not a detective, but he would certainly help someone out.

He was never comfortable in society, and was also nearly dead.

All over but the shouting, his step-mom sure has a loud yell.

And him and Roy Harper were both on the JLA, at different times.

Devon Sanders said...

No, not Connor.

Bethama said...

Hm. Maybe Zauriel? He gave up his ethereal form for a "warm body," then died in order to transcend again - neither really worked out great.

He was a guardian angel, so of course he'd take your case at the first sign of trouble.

Power of one = an angel of a monotheistic cosmos.

Not sure about the rest.

Devon Sanders said...

Not Zauriel. :)

Ken Cox said...

Ok, time for my second (of 3) guesses. Could it be Ted Grant, aka: Wildcat?

"The Power of One" is a book and movie about a young man who becomes a boxer, and Ted Grant was, in the DCU, heavyweight champion.

He's not a gumshot, but he trained The Batman, "The World's Greatest Detective."

His superpower is to have a cat's proverbial 9 lives, so he's died ("cold corpse") and come back ("warm body") several times.

As a boxer and superhero, he's a true warrior, and he's had several legacy characters ("All Over But the Shouting" = book on Replacements).

Ken Cox said...

Or, is it Guy Gardner?

Besides being a member of the GL Corps, he once wielded the only yellow power ring ("the power of one").

He and The Batman hate each other ("One punch!") and, before becoming a superhero, he was a social worker who could take "your case."

He was in a coma, sort of neither a "warm body" or "cold corpse."

And, his nom du guerre was once Warrior (same name as the bar he runs), and he certainly is a shouter. Plus, he was Hal Jordan's replacement ("All Over But the Shouting" = book on Replacements).

Devon Sanders said...

@ Ken

You got it!

Guy Gardner

"So far, not so good."

Guy was Abin Sur's original choice for Green Lantern but was too far away.

"Power of one."

He was knocked out by Batman with one punch.

"World's Greatest Detective"

He challenged Batman wanting to take over as leader of The Justice League."

"Take your case."

Guy used to be a social worker.

"Warm body"

Term for a replacement. He later replaced Hal Jordan as GL.

"Cold corpse."

He was a member of The GL black ops division, "The Corpse."

"A true warrior"

He was once known as "Warrior."

"All over but the shouting"

He's known his shouting.

Great job!