Friday, April 2, 2010

Found in my parents basement...

This is the 1983 Marvel Super Heroes Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle produced by Whitman. As you may notice there's some French text on the box cover and they spell "favourite" the right way, so it's a Canadian release. I'm not certain if there was an American release.

I've had this for a very long time, and despite growing up a DC junkie, this was always my favourite puzzle (I'm not certain if there ever was a DC version... we also have a Looney Tunes puzzle of the same type). I never knew who a lot of the characters on the box were when I was a lad, and looking at it now, there are still quite a few I don't recognize.

Here's a scan of the boxtop image (click for a massive screen-filling version to get a closer gander at the details):

I have no idea who drew this, but I think it's a pretty fantastic piece. Any comic aficionados that might have a guess, I'd be interested in hearing.

The back of the box has one of those great outline character keys (my tabloid sized Superman vs Muhammad Ali cover -previously referenced here- also had one, so I have a lot of fond memories of those kinds of things):

(again, click for a much larger version)

You will notice, Second Printers, that I didn't include the character key itself. I thought it might be fun to give you folks some time to test your Marvel character identification skills, and use the comments section as a place to ask each other for help. In two weeks (April 15th) I'll post the full Key.

Have fun!

P.S. Didja know Super Heroes(R) is a registered trademark jointly owned by the Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics Inc. used with permission.


bobby sneakers said...

omg, I knew I'd been a marvel maniac when I was young, but this...I did it in 25 minutes and only had to check myself 3 times.
2nd Printing Marvel Superheroes Jigsaw Puzzle
1. Green Goblin
2. Glorian
3. Snowbird
4. Human Torch
5. Black Knight
6. Galactus
7. Nightcrawler
8. Silver Surfer
9. Mephisto
10. Watcher
11. Storm
12. Dr. Octopus
13. Shroud
14. Dazzler
15. Angel
16. Firelord
17. Iceman
18. Vulture
19. Thundra
20. Machine Man
21. Northstar
22. Aurora
23. Sunspot
24. Vanguard
25. Hudson
26. Paladin
27. Crimson Dynamo
28. Jack of Hearts
29. Black Bolt
30. Sasquatch
31. Hussar
32. Sub Mariner
33. Dr. Doom
34. Impossible Man
35. Red Wolf
36. Shaman
37. Union Jack
38. Triton
39. Gorgon
40. Mr. Fantastic
41. Daredevil
42. Lizard
43. Beetle
44. Spider-Man
45. Man-Thing
46. Star Hawk
47. Wonder Man
48. Makaari
49. Tigra
50. Sirsei
51. Ikarus
52. Son of Satan
53. Fandral
54. Hogun
55. Loki
56. Volstagg
57. Magneto
58. Brother Voodoo
59. Blade
60. Lady Sif
61. Thor
62. Black Widow
63. Woodgod
64. Yondu
65. Martinex
66. Charlie-27
67. Nikki
68. Falcon
69. Moon Knight
70. Drax the Destroyer
71. Spider Woman
72. Nick Fury
73. Mysterio
74. Hellcat
75. Electro
76. Thing
77. Invisible Woman
78. Karnak
79. Quicksilver
80. Crystal
81. Medusa
82. Dr. Samson
83. Hulk
84. Luke Cage
85. Sons of the Tiger (Bob Diamond, Lin Sun, Abe Brown)
86. Rhino
87. Iron Fist
88. Shang Chi
89. Ka-Zar
90. Shanna the She-Devil
91. Zabu
92. Leader
93. Khonsu the Living Mummy
94. Valkyrie
95. Moondragon
96. Werewolf by Night
97. Clea
98. Dr. Strange
99. Kingpin
100. Dr. Druid
101. Scarlet Witch
102. Vision
103. Captain America
104. Red Skull
105. Vance Astro
106. Abomination
107. She-Hulk
108. Captain Universe
109. Howard the Duck
110. Beast
111. Wasp
112. Yellowjacket
113. Midnight
114. Ant Man
115. Hawkeye
116. Iron Man
117. Havok
118. Polaris
119. Hercules
120. Wolverine
121. Hepzibah
122. Banshee
123. Cr’reee
124. Ch’od
125. Corsair
126. Cyclops
127. Binary
128. Colossus
129. Shadowcat
130. Raza
131. Lilandra
132. Prof. X

Devon Sanders said...

I'm loving the look on Galactus' face, it's like, "Oh, hello there, li'l fella, I didn't see you there!"

Adj said...

The only ones that I really had absolutely no clue as to their identities are 1) the grouping of four guys directly behind Alpha Flight and 2) the guy in the bandages near the front.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I got everyone else, even though I'm far more of a DC aficionado than a Marvel one. Yay for owning the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe to help me out :)

KENT! said...

Wow, Bobby Sneaks, I bow down to your character recognition skills.
#5: also asks for Black Knight's horse's name.
Close on #23, #123, but not quite
#25, #31, #113 incorrect
#50, #51, #94 check the spelling (or maybe the box lid needs to?):P

On #85 and #93 you went above and beyond so cudos
#118, #129 are actually their proper names as I believe their hero names came later than when this was made

Craig Brasfield said...

Been a while, but it's new to ME! Let's give it a go:

5. BK & Aragorn

23. Sunfire
123. looks correct, spelling maybe? Ch'reee?

25. Vindicator/Guardian
31. Tamara (from SUB-MARINER)
113. Black Panther

50. Sersi
51. Ikaris
94. Valkyrie is spelled kerectly,

93. N'kantu (Khonshu is Moon Knight's guy)

118. Lorna Dane & 129. Kitty Pryde had dropped their codenames during this period (I'm guessing 1982 or 3) kinda like Jean Grey did later.

The art seems a bit like Owen McCarron.

What, no Punisher or Ghost Rider?!

Tom said...

Alright, I'm almost a decade late to the party. But no Jean Grey either? Or am I missing something?