Friday, December 19, 2008

Detective: Comics. Who Am I? - Updated

I am not as you knew me then.

(Introduced as a "non-costume" this character has taken up the mantle of superhero.)

I took the long way of getting here.

(See above.)

I have been a member of an ensemble cast.

(Gotham Central)

I have been a loner.

(Their current role.)

I have been a partner in more ways than one.

(As a detective, her partners have included Harvey Bullock and Crispus Allen. As a partner, she has partnered with Daria Hernandez)

I have walked alleys and climbed mountains.

(Gotham has alleys and in in the maxi-series, 52, she was shown climbing the mountains of Nanda Parbat)

I have been shown one way in one place and unrevealed in another.

(In the DC Universe, she was outted. In the Batman: The Animated Series universe her sexuality was unrevealed)

I have questioned God and been answered by the devil.

(A former devout Catholic, she has wrestled with her sexuality and faith. As The Question, she has faced the wrath of God, her former partner and current Spectre, Crispus Allen. She is currently appearing in Final Crisis: Revelations fighting Cain who wants to bring about Hell on Earth.)

I may not have begun in the place you have found me.

(She was introduced as a character on the Batman: The Animated Series and later was introduced as a comic book character in the pages of Detective Comics.)


The answer is:

The Question II (Renee Montoya)


Anonymous said...

The Spectre?

Devon Sanders said...


Nope. :)

Unknown said...

Ralph Dibny?

Devon Sanders said...


Great guess. Not the right one, though.

Unknown said...

am I allowed a second guess?

Unknown said...