Monday, May 27, 2013

365 Comics...146: Space Punisher tpb (2012)

Back in 365 Comics #104 I had just read the first issue of Space Punisher for free (through the Marvel 1 initiative at Comixology).  I knew I wanted to read the entire mini-series but also knew it would have to be economically feasable to do so.  At three bucks per issue and 3 of a 4 issue series remaining, that meant a steeply discounted trade (cover price = $12.99)or equally price reduced issues.  We're fortunate to have a lot of remainder and used book stores here in Toronto, as well as our fair share of comics peddlers, so I knew one of those two options would happen.  The third option would be to wait for a 99 ¢ sale on Comixology that may never happen.  That actually would have been my preferred method because, well as much as I damn well enjoyed this book, I'm kind of embarassed by it.  It is ridiculous or a level beyond, say, that movie Lockout... this is Sci-fi superhero grindhouse.  It's exceptionally violent but numbingly so and so extreme it's unbelievability that it comes off like a next-level Loony Toons type of affair.  Frank Castle looks like a Pro Wrestler... I think that sums it up nicely.  If the WWE were to make a 40 million dollar sci-fi movie with Marvel properties it would be pretty much be this.  It is stoopid amounts of fun, though.

I should also note the deceit on the back cover: "collecting Space Punisher #1-5"... No bonus 5th issue here folks.

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