Monday, May 6, 2013

365 Comics...126: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: The Black Cat #1 (2011)

Okay so what did I know about Black Cat before reading this issue?  well, I knew her platinum hair and her cleavage-bearing, fur-cuffed leather wardrobe and that she's an ace cat burglar.  She's Spider-Man's Catwoman (although I'm certain some fanboy out there can tell me how one informed the other and that Catwoman is the knock-off).

What do I know about Black Cat after reading this issue?  Apparently she has the power to cause bad luck around her (which isn't used very well or consistently here), and she's likes to be seen as a "good burglar" in that she's non-violent.  A criminal with a heart of gold beneath heaving bosoms barely contained by her garb. I cant imagine doing the thing she does with the girls all out like that.  Catwoman usually zips up, as well as keeps her hair contained.  How many times has the Cat set off a lazer-triggered alarm because of her hair? She enjoys aerobic sex with Spiderman (masks on) at construction sites and gets peeved when people doubt her integrity.

Its a mildly enjoyable book but kind of pointless unless you're a big Black cat fan.  A 7 page preview of ''The Grim Hunt", a Spider-Man tale by Joe Kelley and Michael Lark which made very little sense except perhaps as a Saw homage starring Spider people. Shrug.

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CalvinPitt said...

Admittedly, I am a big Black Cat fan, and also a fan of caper flicks, and stealth-themed games (Thief: Deadly Shadows was my favorite XBox game), so perhaps not surprising I loved this mini-series. It was my favorite of 2010, actually.

I could have done without the Grim Hunt stuff, but I thought van Meter did enough to keep it at arm's length. And I thought Javier Rodriguez and Javier Pulido brought an excellent sense of style to the art.