Sunday, May 12, 2013

365 Comics... 131: Young Justice #1 (1998)

A cheeky, silly, pun-infused first issue, Peter David's script is so shameless that I'm having difficulty determining if it's entertaining or painful. My wife loves the series so I will give it (and her) the benefit of the doubt.  I never have been crazy about Todd Nauck's art which is probably the main barrier I have to digging out my wife's series run.  I'm going to get through the Young Justice cartoon (which I'm quite enjoying so far early in the first season) before I consider reading more.

"Foolish males!  Once I was mere Nina Dowd, but no longer.  Now I am... Mighty Endowed!"


Adj said...

It is much, much sillier than the cartoon.

King Beauregard said...

Think of it as a product of its time, and a reaction to the typical 90s comics. I know that, between "Impulse" and "Young Justice", I was happy to have some comics that weren't afraid to be fun.

Graig Kent said...

I kind of outgrew silly comics once I discovered Giffen/DeMatteis' Justice League, which was funny but could be serious or heartfelt. Silly is kid's stuff, Spider-Ham/Captain Carrot stuff with too many puns and overly juvenile. I like fun, more than silly. This Young Justice issue felt silly, stuff like Superboy using Red Tornado as a surfboard or Impulse tagging the cave.

I don't doubt that David started working some character into the series, and that's what I'm banking on as I ponder reading it, as he's balanced funny with smart characterization Justice League-style in X-Factor for years (in the 90's and recently).

I just got to get past Nauck's art first. Bleh. Not my thing. at. all.