Friday, May 24, 2013

365 Comics... 143: Nowhere Men #5 (2013)

The wife and I are working our way through Fringe for the second time (but in many cases throughout the first and second seasons it's our first time through, as we didn't catch wise to the show's geeky greatness until late into the second season), and it was while watching an early second season ep this week that I started thinking about how Nowhere Men is like a step-child of Fringe.  Basically Nowhere Men is Massive Dynamic: the Comic Book.  It's not so flagrant a copy as that, it is it's own great thing for sure, but for those that aren't reading it, it's a nice shorthand explanation into it's world of superscience and high industry that revolves around it.  It also has the added sci-fi element of being an alternate reality where scientists, not musicians, actors or athletes are superstars.  I like the concept of a world where science, intellect and the contribution to human progression are celebrated.  Our own world should surely endeavor to do such (says the guy writing a blog about and celebrating comic books).

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