Monday, May 20, 2013

365 Comics... 139: Avengers Academy vol.2: Will We Use This In The Real World? (2011)

When I get into something I tend to want to just plow right through it, Consume Consume Consume.  So it goes with Avengers Academy whose first volume I just read and loved last week (365 comics #135).  I didn't love this volume as much, mainly because for a series starring a cast of newcomers the focus here was a little too much on the established cast... primarily Dr Pym/Giant Man and Tigra.  We've established of late that I'm historically not much of an Avengers buff so the ongoing drama of Hank Pym (whom it would seem has about 50 years of over-the-top BS to deal with) is a real energy suck in this volume.  Likewise hearkening back to the Korvac saga for a 2 issue stint seemed like great fan service but to the uninitiated it was a sub-mediocre, ridiculous story that went a whole bunch of places illogically (the whole putting the Academy kids into their adult bodies from potential future timelines still makes little sense).

The few things that did click well though were:
-Quicksilver (I'm not convinced his being used properly but every scene he's in is intriguing)
-Speedball's power ramp-up.
-Finesse and Taskmaster, a particularly fascinating meeting
-Hazmat and Mettle getting closer (I know what's coming...)
-Hazmat's day out with Leech
-The young heroes dance (there better be a rivalry with some other hero training school that culminates in a series of friendly but spirited competitions at some point)


Veronica Jett said...

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CalvinPitt said...

I think this was where I came on the book, and it wasn't a stretch of issues that particularly convinced me to hang around. I was about as unimpressed with Korvac as you were.

Worse than that, two of the first issues I got dealt with Tigra getting pistol-whipped by the Hood, and Speedball as Penance. Which are two things I would prefer get swept under the rug for all eternity.

Graig Kent said...

Yeah, I dig Speedball quite a bit but some characters need to remain lighthearted. Speedball is not suited for darkness. I still want to make a Speedball Loves Squirrel Girl comic.. one day...