Tuesday, May 28, 2013

365 Comics... 147: Quantum & Woody #2 (1997)

I mentioned in 365 Comics #22 (Quantum & Woody #1) that I was going to have to do some deep discount bin diving to try and pull together a run of the series, and it would seem others are having the same thought because I managed to find less than a haIf dozen issues of the series in the past 120-odd days.  I think with Valiant relaunching the series shortly (without Christopher Priest, sadly, as I had hoped he'd make his return [365 comics #79: The Crew # 1])  there's a lot of interest in the old series so those cheap bin copies are getting snatched up (likely hoping to turn a dollar or two profit on ebay).

I did say back in 365#79 that I would throw my support behind Priest and buy up any TPBs of Quantum & Woody should they get released that's assuming Priest would see $ from those sales) but it seems there's u ways to wait yet.  Comixology, where I got my first fix for free, had a 99¢ sale a few weeks back where I meant to snatch up a bunch of issues but only managed to get this second issue before the sale ended.  Hopefully it'll be back for the first issue of the new Priest-free series which I wont support, or went support at first but then new and enjoy ten years from now.

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