Thursday, May 23, 2013

365 Comics...142: Godzilla: The Half-Century War tpb (2013)

I will have a longer, more formal review of this ready for tomorrow's Thor's Comic Column (next week at latest) but I had to just say ''wow" over this, because... wow.

I'm not a die hard Gojira buff but I, like most nerds, have a soft spot for the king of all monsters... and as much as I enjoy him in a silly way it's always great to see him used well in a serious context and as a serious threat.

This book I can only hope is the template for Pacific Rim (yes I'm aware the production timelines overlap and that they're definitely independent productions) since James Stokoe provides jaw dropping imagery of kaiju rampages and giant robots fighting them.  It's not the sole focus of the book but its plenty awesome.

This is way up there as one of the best Godzilla stories I have read/watched... it transcends most of the films for sure.

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