Friday, May 17, 2013

365 Comics...136: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 3

A few thoughts about UCS-Mv3:

-I was surprised after the build up in vol 2 that the Prowler / Spidey team-up resolved itself so quickly.  It seemed like it had a longer way to go then it actually did
- I was actually kind of saddened by the way that arc interesting supporting character / nemesis taken out of the equation
-the Spider-Man: Murderer public fallout of the story didn't really work for me. It would have been more interesting were Miles to feel responsible even though the media was on his side

-I stopped reading the Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men just before Divided We Fall since Hickman and Spencer left the books but given the fractured country and the Hydra separatists angle it looks like it turned out to be an interesting story.  I like that the Ultimate universe takes more chances and risks... it's not "our" world, but as Ultimate Spider-Man proves, its still filled with people.

-When I heard about Divided We fall, I wondered how it would fit in with Miles Morales' much more down-to-earth reality.  Turns out quite well. Bendis has been weaving universe-building stories for a decade or more so he knows how to incorporate a character into a crossover event

- Miles joining the Ultimates isn't my favourite thing and Cap (whose Ultimates iteration is kind of harsh, but I guess he's supposed to be more militaristic) is right about most of his reasons for not wanting Miles to join the team.

-I don't like the Ultimate spider-Woman's costume. At.All.  Bleh.

-David Marquez is a great sub for Sarah Pichelli on art.  Pepe Larraz is not as great a sub for Marquez.  Larraz draws Cap funny... not funny ha-ha

-why was Ultimate Spider-Man fighting Elasti-Girl from the Doom Patrol?

-Miles frequently doesn't seem all that concerned with keeping his face a secret.

-I really wonder if in the new Spider-Man fiIm series, which follows more the USM iteration then 616, if they will kill off Andrew Garfield and replace him with a young mixed race kid. It would be awesome but probably traumatic for young Spidey fans

- issues 11-18 for $19.99.  Yes Marvel thank you. Thats much better than the $20 for 5 you've been giving us.

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