Monday, October 21, 2013

365 Comics...293: Wonder Woman #24 (2013)

Seriously, I put together four or five paragraphs yesterday talking about Hickman's Fantastic Four,  entered my hyperlinks and attached the picture and ckicked "save" only to *poof* have the whole thing disappear.  Refreshing the page a couple times all that finally was returned to me was the subject line with no text body.  It's not like it was a masterpiece,  and it only took 1/2 hour to plunk into the Blogger app on the ol Android phone, but losing work, any work, no matter how frivolous, is always frustrating.

Long and short of the post was that Hickman's FF and Fantastic Four runs were amazing,  but both kind of overstayed their welcome for about six months, treading water instead of building another grand arc.... I wonder when Hickman found out he had the Avengers gig.  Probably around the time he was concluding his big story, but there were still so many months to go before Marvel Now would launch so he played through until it was time.

As for this issue of Wonder Woman,  it's transitional, bridging the first two years of stories and characters and events with what's to come next.  We're reminded of Lennox's fate, Hermes' betrayal,  Diana's new title, how she earned it and hints of the fallout therein.  We get a sense of where Apollo is at, what the First Born is doing, and reminded of many of the other Gods and demi-gods that are in the mix...and also just how big Diana's family is turning out to be, as a daughter of Zeus.  

Seriously, though, tuning Diana into a demi-god and the God of War beyond that is a masterstroke, an easy highlight in the character's history.  Once Azzarello is done I'm not sure how anyone else can follow.

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