Saturday, October 12, 2013

365 Comics...282: Batman #24 (2013)

Speaking of this week's Thor's Comic Column, I do a write-up of Batman #24 which costs a whopping $7 for a 54 page book.  Looking at it more closely, that's about right, given that the usual Batman comic is $3.99 for a 30-page book.  It's just a big hit for a single book, particularly when I can go to a lot oddball places and pick up 21 comics for that same amount.  But you can't think about things that way.  It's like thinking about how much money you spent on a movie in the theatre, and then bought on Blu-Ray when it came out, only to find it a little while later in a $5 bin... or to see that the TV series that you loved and bought every season set for $70 has been collected into a "complete series" set for less than $70 with tonnes of new bonus features.  Or when a favourite comic book gets six issues collected into a $10 trade paperback.  You think you should have waited, but you wanted it at the time and you got it and you were happy with it, so you know what, it's okay.  It's only money.  And money is in endless supply.  There's no limit.  Money is perpetual, right?

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