Thursday, October 3, 2013

365 Comics...272-274: Francesco Francavilla Covers (Grindhouse #1, Fantomex Max #1, Savage Wolverine #9 - 2013)

I can't think of another illustrator who was so unobtrusively prevalent as a cover artist as Francavilla is today [his tumblr is a must follow].  The guy's work is literally everywhere, unavoidable and yet always distinctive, always unique, always eye catching... he's a hell of an artist, who also has impeccable design sense.  Just look at how different these three covers are (Savage Wolverine is a variant, I should add, whereas Coop provided the variant for Grindhouse).

I have write-ups for all three books hitting Thor's Comic Column shortly (link TK), and I kind of cranked those ones out on a tight deadline and a very busy schedule.

The only think I didn't really say that I wanted to was just what the hell is Savage Wolverine's conceit as a title?  Is it supposed to be earlier in his career when he was still being pushed by scientists to see what his limits are?  Or is it an anthology book like Legends of the Dark Knight or something?  The brief introductory paragraph on page 1 seems to imply it's exploring his early years, but he's on a different planet... or has he been shrunk down to innerspace by Pym Particles?  Will he meet the Micronauts?  Does this issue pick up from the end of last issue?  Has Wolverine ever survived a fall from the upper atmosphere before?  If so when?

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