Thursday, October 17, 2013

365 Comics...289: Batwoman #24 (2013)

Well, that was... maddening.

We hit the crux of the DEO's plan to unmask Batman with Batwoman taking the lead (perhaps the title's most nerd-friendly plot to date) and we won't get to see how it plays out because Dan Didio and company are being really fucking petty.  They want to jump on board the "zero year" train asap, because, well zero year is only running in Batman for another 8 months you see, and they couldn't wait two issues to wrap up the current storyline and introduce the new writer... 

If I'm a betting man (which I'm not because I have an addictive personality) I would say they will run the finished pages/scrpts in the trade paperback so as to force the loyal Blackman/Williams fans into double purchasing some of the issues they already have.  Cause they're opportunistic dicks like that.(Edit: or, maybe not

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