Tuesday, October 15, 2013

365 Comics...287: God Is Dead #2 (2013)

It feels like someone waving a middle finger in my face.  There's a $4.99 price tag on my copy of GID #2, and I'm not certain why.  It's a variant cover, but there's nothing else to it... it's not any different in quality, this variant cover, so why the uptick in price?  Just because they can?  The only reason I have this variant "extra costly" cover is because my wife has been picking up my books for me most weeks and either didn't notice the price tag or long ago stopped second guessing my pull lists (I do enough of that on my own).

I don't like Avatar as a publisher much.  Their books, regardless of the A-level writing talents involved, tend to be pretty ... gross... I dunno, they just feel like sleazeball comics.  Their "house style" of art is completely unappealing to me and it tends to sink the works of really good writers.  This "extra priced" cover business, for really the wost comic to ever have Hickman's name associated with it (and Mike Costa, whose Cobra Files is so consistently excellent), just reinforces my lack of interest in Avatar as a publisher... I really hate to discount a publisher whole hog like that, but fuck 'em.  I blew $9 on 2 issues of a comic created by two of my favourite writers and I hate it.  I look at their publishing roster and see works from Christos Gage, Kieron Gillen, Alan Moore, Si Spurrier, David Lapham and I want fuck all to do with them.  I may finish up with Freak Angels and may troll past Bleeding Cool from time to time but otherwise I'm keeping their stink off me.

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